Over fat people cause of global warming ?

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Are you fat, obese or overweight? If you are, it is not only bad for your health but you are also contributing to the problem of global warming..LOL!

What the heck is that !

It means that the ice at the North and South poles are melting and the water in the oceans are rising and getting warmer.

What has that got to do with fat people?

Fat people eat more and the demand for meat increases. That means more cows and more cows mean more toxic methane gas.

In India, some people dig a well and dump all those cow dungs into the well to produce methane gas to use for cooking.

There are some drug addicts who snort those fresh cow dungs to get high from the methane gas.

If you are fat, movements could be laborious and you would prefer to ride in a car . More cars means more emissions.

Being slim is better for your health and environments. That is easily said than done.

It looks like fat people are being blamed for this global warming phenomenon. Many will just shrug it off as some mad scientist who have nothing better to do .

Is there really any truth in that ?There are some who still believe that it is not caused by man.

Whether you want to believe it or not , the world’s temperatures has been rising caused by those CO2 and other greenhouse gas effects.

Al Gore, the former VP of the USA is the champion of global warming and got a Nobel prize for it.In some places, it seems to get colder.How do you explain that ?

.Recently the weather here is unbelievably hot and you need to sleep with the air con on or in your birthday suit.

Make sure that you don’t allow your b/f’s to take pictures while you are sleeping naked.

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One Response to “Over fat people cause of global warming ?”

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‘Global warming’ is a misnomer that is used only by the media and the uninformed. In science, the trend is refered to as ‘climate change,’ precisely because it leads to many different local climatic effects. Hot areas may become cooler, dry areas may become rainier, and so on and so forth. A disruption of the Gulf Stream by polar meltwater may make the British Isles much colder and the Northeastern United States much warmer, for instance.

As the atmosphere becomes more dense from increased concentrations of CO2, CH4 and NOx gasses, long-term warming will be the expected outcome. The local effects, though, are much harder to predict.

Thanks and appreciate for your great input.

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