Become beautiful without spending a fortune.

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever ~ John Keats.

Being beautiful is every girl’s dream.Some would spend a fortune to make themselves beautiful but true beauty does not come from those things that you adorn or apply on your external self. They are only temporary ,artificial or synthetic and does not last. This kind of beauty is only skin deep.

My mother used to tell me that true beauty comes from the inside. It is what you eat that will make you beautiful.

I do agree with her but it is not only what you eat but your right attitude towards life.

Having the right attitude is a prerequisite and if you want your beauty to last , you will need to find your own spirituality.

The spirit can be restless if it does not communicate with it’s maker. Those who know the Lord, have natural joys and beauty in their eyes and faces .

No matter how plain looking she is , she will have those beauty that radiates out from her inside.

Her eyes are shining and lively as compared to those who have dull ,sad and lack luster eyes.

As we travel through life’s journey on this Earth, it is like being on a long train journey and we see visions of stages of our life passing by like a movie .

In the course of our life’s journey we pick up many baggage’s and if we don’t know how to jettison or throw them away , we will be burdened and creak under the heavy weight of those baggage’s and life would be a big struggle.

How can we feel free and happy when you lug all those useless baggage’s with you and wear yourself down?

Why not just cast them away, for you do not need them like two heavy stones tied around your neck ?

Be free like a bird and soar high in the sky like those eagles. Let go of those pains and hurts and learn to forgive . Unforgiveness is a great sin.
To make mistakes is only human
and to forgive is divine.

You need to cast away those burdens and let Jesus carry it for you.Have trust and faith in Him that He will lead you to the right way.

Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it. (Confucius)
When you have no love, you see things just as they are, a black and white world.

It is only when you love someone truly that you see the beauty in that person and even if she is without an arm , an eye or a leg, you will still see the beauty in her.

For you see, beauty is not real, for beauty only exists in perception.

Beauty is when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart.

Everyone is beautiful and you don’t have to spend a fortune to chase those beauty that does not last.

Smile always because a smile is always pleasing and beautiful.

Just be who you are , warts and all! Let God into your heart and see the transformation from a plain Jane into an angel.

You may not feel beautiful or loved but there is one person who will always love you . He will love you forever come what may.

The fountain of beauty is in your heart,keep it pure, simple and clean.

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