Do you sleep together or apart after marriage?

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If you are newly married, sleeping apart is out of question and you won’t even give birth to that horrible idea.

That preposition will become stillborn in your head.It would be crazy not to sleep together or intimately with each other .

What would your partner think of you if you insist on sleeping separately ?

In the beginning ,it is the honeymoon period and everything will be just fine .
You will find that you have great compassion’s and willingness to forgive and tolerate whatever misgivings that emanates from your loving partner.

A few years down the road, many couples may find that a good night sleep is much more important than the intimacy in the relationship.

If you cannot get a good night’s sleep, your health and well being will be affected, you will be stressed out, irritable, haggard and terrible looking and this will also affect your performance at work and home.

You might become one of those millions of walking zombie’s or like those packed rats that scurry here and there in the modern city!

In the present world, many are over worked , over stressed and over utilized that sleep and rest is of paramount important.

Men and women are different physically, biologically and psychologically.

They do not react the same to the same surroundings. Women are programmed to be light sleepers and their brains multi task even when their bodies are sleeping.

One may feel warm , while the other is cold. One may like to turn on the fan while the other cannot stand those breezes.

One may want to open the windows while the other is against the droughts.

Sometimes, there are wandering hands which just creeps all over your body like some bugs or reptiles and disturbing your peaceful and serene sleep.

It can be difficult to find the middle ground and sleeping separately seems to be the best solution.It is just getting a good night’s sleep and there is no ulterior or hidden motive.

You would want your wife to have a good night’s sleep after a very hard day at the office as she would be completely recharged, replenished ,chirpy and happy the next day.

Otherwise, you will get one kind of helluva old hag who would make sure that your life would be as miserable as can be.

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One Response to “Do you sleep together or apart after marriage?”

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I agree with you that no newly wed couples would ever think of sleeping separately. But it’s funny how when there’s a baby in the family, the separation seems easier as the child now becomes his or her sleeping partner!

Laura1318:-Thanks for your input. Sleeping together or not can be a barometer of the health of your marriage.

Loving couples will sleep together. Warring couples will sleep separately .. LOL!

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