Cohabitation VS Marriage

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Are you for it or against it ? What are the benefits or disadvantages of cohabitation.

Personally, I think cohabitation is only good up to a certain point and if it is prolonged then it becomes disadvantage to the women.

She could be cheated of her youth, money and time in this unfruitful venture.

In the long run ,she may be left high and dry when those men get tired of them and seek new pastures .

In the end , she may just remain a kept woman and nothing more.

After all, there is nothing to prevent those men from leaving when they want or like, unlike a marriage which has legal obligations when they are divorced.

A man not tied down by marriage legally is like a ship with no anchor and can drift when there is a storm or the current changes.

Today , there are many couples who cohabit out of necessity due to many reasons.

Some of them even had children and when you have reached that milestone in your life, getting legally married does not seem appealing to those men.

They are already enjoying their married life minus the legal implications of a marriage.

If you can eat your cake for free , why pay for it ?

Many may think it is a good idea or wise to cohabit first to know more about the other person before marriage.There is less risks of divorce or being trapped in an unhappy marriage.

This way, they may just walk away from each without all those legal complications .

This union can never be strong without the marriage bond as they do not feel the responsibilities and commitments like in a legal marriage.

Marriage is not a bed of roses and there will always be frictions. The marriage status is like a glue that holds them together and it is a strong bond and not easily broken.

When you do not have that kind of bond , your relationship will not be strong and stable.

Cohabitation is not a substitute to marriage. A strong and committed marriage brings more benefits and rewards,your health, happiness, and financial security.

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