Before marriage Marilyn Monroe after marriage Wynetta slob !

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Nothing in this world is cast in stones for ever. Marilyn Monroe may live and forever remain beautiful and sexy in our minds because she died young and at her height of fame.

She is idolized by many and when you mentioned her name , that incredible and sexy pose of her will come to mind.

Many men expect their wives to remain as young and beautiful forever after marrying them. They think they are living in a fairy land where the wives are immortals and never grow old.

They see other young things strutting around and showing off their curves while their once sexy partner is slowly morphing into something that is unimaginable and grotesque.

Welcome to the real world of babies, nappies and the boring domestic drudgery.

Men are moved by sight while women by feelings. This is the main cause of the marital disharmony.

Men cannot think like women nor can they understand what is going through the woman’s mind.

Due to the over demands of taking care of the kids, work and household chores, she is drained and unable to preen or groom herself like before marriage. This will also affect their sex life and the relationship may suffer.

Another major reason is because she has got what she wanted and there is no more incentive for her to put in anymore efforts to attract you.

You are already caught in her trap and cannot escape. Only when she feels that she is losing you will she try to recreate those magical moments again.

Some of those unappreciative men are quite fickle minded and criticize their partners in the way they dress or their slobby behaviours. They have eyes to look at others but cannot see their own kind .

If he really wants to make his wife beautiful and feeling good, he should know how to treat her like a Queen and she would return him that favour many fold.

Even a very beautiful woman can look ugly and have a sad countenance if she is unhappy or wrongly treated by her partner.

Whereas a plain Jane may look beautiful and have joy in her face when the husband knows how to appreciate and treat her in a right way.

What if the roles were reversed? The men would be too tired at the end of the day with no more juice left.

The men ought to lighten their partners workload where ever possible and share in their daily chores in order to show their love for them.

When you have love, you see no sins!

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