Termination- Is it really hers to make alone ?

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With today’s sexual promiscuity in this new age, it is a matter of time before a young girl finds herself in this tragic situation of deciding if she wants to terminate her pregnancy or not.

Even with all those safety contraceptive methods available, nothing is 100% safe. She may find herself in an unfamiliar role of the arbiter of a young and innocent life.

Will she decide wisely by herself alone or will she consult all those who are involved before making the major decision of her life which may have decisive repercussions on her health and future well being.

Do you think it is ethically and morally right for a woman alone to decide if she wants to have a termination of her pregnancy ?

Does the father has no right to influence or say in this major decision ?
Is it fair to the men that she holds the power of life and death in her hands.

In a majority of cases, it is the women who will have the final say to keep or abort the baby. It is her body and if she does not want it, no one can make her do it against her wishes.

There is legally no law to compel her or stop her from deciding what to do even if the father is against her decision.

It is not an easy decision for women to make and many may regret it in their latter life.

It would seem that women have the absolute right to do whatever they want with their bodies and the men are denied any rights even when they both partake in the creation of the newborn.

The child was not planned and they were not ready for it and giving it up was the only recourse which appears to be the best course of action for that moment in time.

Prevention is better than the cure. If you had taken extra precautions, then you would not have to come into this tragic and unfortunate situation.

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One Response to “Termination- Is it really hers to make alone ?”

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Do I think it’s right she make the decision alone to terminate?

No. I don’t think it’s right that she can legally murder another human being at all, whether her partner and 357 other people agree. There is no difference in her murdering her pre-born baby than my feeling overwhelmed and unable to care for my 1 year old and murdering her. It’s murder. There is no other definition, and she should not be able to make the choice, period.

Laura1318:- Thank you for your post. Abortion is a very contentious issue and there are always two sides of a coin.Thank you for letting us know where you stand on this issue.

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