Detox diet – Real or fake ?

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Get some famous singer or actress to grace the cover of the product and millions of uninformed consumers would be rushing to buy that product as endorsed by their idols.

The power of those star appeals can sway a lot of those consumers but many of those detox diets are nothing more than just over priced vitamin diets and drinks .

People who are obsessed with their health or life will fall prey to such marketing strategies.They believed that those detox kits will magically removed all those toxins from their body and they are willing to pay the exorbitant price to be beautiful and healthy.

I remembered sometime back , the foot detox was the rage here when many believed that immersing their feet into a basin of liquid which contains some chemicals or substances would detox their bodies of all the toxins.

After sometime, the colour of the liquid changed colour and they were told that it was the toxins which caused that. People are just gullible and believed what was advertised.

When it was exposed as a scam , the promotions stopped and maybe will resurface in another part of the world where there is no monitoring or a novelty to the inhabitants there.

The body has a built in and well develop system to detox and it will remove all those toxins. As long as you eat a sensible diet and everything in moderation’s, you will be fine.

In the present world, what we eat, drink or breathe maybe contaminated by pesticides, chemicals or pollutants. We are overloading our detox system and many are sick with diseases or die from unnatural causes.

The best remedy is not to over indulge in those sinful foods and follow a sensible diet and regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

Fasting is a natural way to detox our body. We can give the system a rest and reinvigorate our organs.

Do not waste your money on those over priced products which are highly touted or advertised but without much scientific proof.

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One Response to “Detox diet – Real or fake ?”

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I think you really have to take any detox on face value, if it works for you whats the harm. Some people it obviously wont work for.. thats their choice

Laura1318:- If we were to avoid those toxic foods, there wont be any question of detox . We are being taken for a ride. Yes! it is their choice if they want to pay through their nose for a detox diet .

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