Should women take the first step ?

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Despite their great strides in the emancipation of women in this century ,the modern women of today still bulks at taking the first step in the romance game.

They prefer to get laid back and expects the men to make the first step. They want those interesting men to start or initiate the chase.

They are not assertive enough and would rather not take the initiative to start the ball rolling . The concept of them making the first move is associated with some negative connotations. To make the first move would make her feel cheap and desperate.

There is a group of women who are known as the ‘China Dolls’ who are very brazen and would aggressively approach any men who would provide for her in exchange for her services.This further reinforces the negative views of women making the first move.

Not making the first move is a mistake because the men are receptive to the idea of women taking the first step. They are in fact delighted to be spoken to and they did not have those negative perceptions as women thought.

Generally , most men would welcome a woman approaching them and engaging them in conversations unless he is a pervert. They will be flattered by her attentions.The men would want to appear to be friendly , kind and helpful.

Not to talk to an interesting man when she is interested in him is a misconception , while secretly hoping for him to make the first move.

Some men may feel her interest but many men may not be that sensitive .There are those good looking guys who maybe shy or cowards or feel intimidated and will NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!!

In this new age, it does not matter who starts the ball rolling . If he is incapable of initiating it , the women should take over the driver’s seat and then allow him to take over when the engine is warmth up.

A woman has to be careful that she is not too aggressive or it will drive away and frighten all those men.

Most men are attracted to beautiful and confident women and if they open the door , he would gladly come inside.

If you are still single , you will need to polish up your men hunting skills. Being a trapper and laying traps for them is not enough. You will need to challenge the traditional gender roles and break through the glass ceilings.

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