Do you value money and material comforts more than your family ?

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Are you a slave to the money God and the material God ?

We all know what is slavery and no one would like to be a slave .Yet many do not realized that they have been working their butt’s out to earn a decent living and providing for some material comforts to their families.

In their quest for wealth and material comforts, they have forgotten about their family values. They become like ants and work from dawn to dusk everyday of their life. There is nothing left for their wives and children .

Their priority is to make money to give their family a comfortable life and nothing else matters. They become workaholics and slaving at their job until they grow old and realize that their children have grown up without knowing them or their wives left them for another men who could shower more love on her.

Some men have the false notion that they need to be a good provider and everything would be fine.They expect their wives and children to take care of themselves and they forget that their wives are human beings and need intimacies and love.

Their life are lopsided and unbalance,for they concentrated 90% of their time to work and only 10 % to their family. Such an arrangement is unsatisfactory and will affect their families as they have neglected their wives and children’s welfare.

They may have provided the financial means to live a good life for their families but they have totally neglected the relationship on a personal level and human developments.

Marriage is about balance and you cannot devote too much of your time to career and a little to your family life. Both are equally important and to ignore one will be detrimental to the other.

They need to seek a balance so that they would have a balanced life, less of a materialistic life but a happier and closer knit family life.

Many thousands of Malaysians cross over into Singapore daily to work because of the good pay. They make good money but it comes at a high cost to their families.

Their wives are so lonely and depressed because their husbands are consumed by work and have no time for them. Their husbands are so tired mentally ,emotionally and physically that all they wanted to do is sleep and rest when they are not working.

They may even suffer ED due to their heavy work load and sex maybe unsatisfactory.The lack of intimacies may ruin their marriage. Some of the women may turn to others for their needs.

Children, deprived of love and affection, are the ultimate casualties. They grow up with an absentee father who do not have the time or inclinations to spend time with them or play with them or involved with their daily affairs while they were growing up.Some of them may mix with some bad hats and grow up to be delinquents in the society.

The cycle is completed when the father grows old and the son is too busy working and has no time for him or he does not care if he existed or whatever happens to him.

You may make more money and have more material comforts but is it worth the breaking up of your family or the poor quality in your relationship with your wives and children?

It is still time to change course if you are working too hard and not paying attention to your families.Money is not everything in life.We need to live a balance and fulfilled life

The love for money is the root of all evils and another may say the lack of money is the root of all evils. Whether it is the love for money or the lack of it , money does not guarantee you happiness.

In the end , for all your sacrifices and toils, you would be known only as an automaton or an ATM or automatic cash dispensing machine devoid of any personal feelings.

When you are old and useless, you will be send to the scrap heap because you are terminated and do not exist anymore.

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Nice article dude.i think its very helpfull for people in the waiting for another document that more creative.nice job.

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