Who do you love more,your wife or your mother ?

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This problem is only peculiar to the men . If they marry , they will have to walk a very fine line between two possessive woman ,his wife and his mother .

One is his mother and the other is the mother of his children . He will not only have to show where his heart lies but must appear to be fair to both of them.

If he does right, he will have harmony and peace in that family. He has to divide his loyalty and sometimes he is torn between those two when they do not see eye to eye with each other. He is caught in the cross fire .

A mother who nurtures him and took care of all his needs till he is able to support himself and a wife who shares his life together through thick and thin .

A mother would would want his son to love her more because a wife is like a shirt and you can change or discard any shirt if you do not like it or she may leave him . Whereas you only have one mother and she is always there for you ,no matter what happens.

When a man marries, he should learn to love his wife more and more because they have more roads to travel. A good mother would understand as long as he does not ignore or forgets about her. Out of sight but never out of mind. They should keep in contact with his parents and spend sometime with them .The mother will be satisfied and she will not demand more.

In the East, it is known as filial piety while in the West, they have a culture of moving away from the parents and sometimes having nothing more to do with them.When they are doing well, they will forget about them but when they are down , they will go back to them for help.

When your wife comes from a rich background, you should expect to listen to her as money talks louder.If your wife asked you this question, choose her or your mother? You do not have much choice.

You have made a life with your wife and committed to her.No right thinking rational women would want a man who loved the mother more than her.You would have to be very diplomatic with your wife and tell her a white lie.

She only wants to listen to those words that she wants to hear .It does not matter if you said it and do another thing.What is important to her is those words that come out of your mouth .

When you marry , it means you have become an adult and independent and have left your mother and father to begin a new life with your wife. You should be on your wife’s side. You are no more depending on your mother for all your needs.

If you love your mother more than your wife, it shows that you are still immature and has not grown up.Grow up quickly and be a real man .

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