Why would any woman risk everything for an affair ?

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Some women want it all, to have the cake and eat it but there are other women who have no intentions to cheat but cannot prevent themselves from being swept away by the emotional tidal waves beyond their control.

They love their family and children and it is out of desperation that drove them over to the dark world of deceit ,lies and emotional turmoils.

There are many reasons why a woman would risk everything for an affair. She could be feeling neglected, unappreciated ,low self esteem, ignored or taken for granted  She could be feeling lonely, lack of intimacy and love.

When she does not get it in the marriage, she is driven to seek it outside of her marriage.  Her wants and needs for intimacy are not being fulfilled and she will justify and rationalize her thoughts  and lessen the guilt of the affair. Her rational thoughts goes out of the window and she becomes incapable of seeing the truth  until it is too late.

It will eventually be discovered and the consequences will be fatal to the marriage and even if they can stay together , it will never be the same again.

If you are thinking of having an affair, it can be a very dangerous road to travel.  If your husband had an affair , what would you do or how would you feel?

If you think you are missing something in your marriage, you should discuss it with your partner or rekindle those love or fall in love again. See him from another woman’s perspective and not to take him for granted. If you both work at it , he will try to accommodate your wants and needs. Give your marriage another chance .

The problem is ,many women cannot articulate their needs to their spouse and expect the men to read their minds. They fall for those Casanova’s like some ignorant teenagers and when their charms vaporized somewhere down the road, they will regret their actions.

Do be rational and nothing good will ever come out of an affair. Do not destroy everything you have built up for some self centered and insane desires.

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2 Responses to “Why would any woman risk everything for an affair ?”

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Loneliness and ignorance by men push their wife into other men. Lust and sex needs make them lose their consideration.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your input.

I agree with your thoughts on this Laura. Nothing is worth sacrificing a marriage and family for. Affairs are normally an indulgence out of impulsive and irrational behaviour.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your same views. That is a great quote from you.

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