More women cheating on their husbands !

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According to the International Herald Tribune, more women are cheating on their spouses and it is nearly on the same level as the men. The modern women now have the distinction of enjoying  equal rights with the men in this venture. The perceptions of a cheating spouse is not as bad as it was in the past.Today , no one gives a hoot about it. So What! If you do not like it, they will go their separate ways.

Infidelity is definitely on the rise and the present younger women are not afraid to seek their unrequited love outside of marriage .  With many women working and the easy online phenomenon, many women are facing the daily temptations to have intimate affairs when their marriage becomes boring or lukewarm.

Today , women are more vocal , emboldened and with the financial clout are able to call the shots. Some wives feel neglected or ignored or their husbands unreasonable  behaviours  or their adulteries which resulted in them casting their eyes for someone who loves them for who they are.

Men and women cheat for different reasons. In some macho cultures or a patriarchal society, the wives had to accept their husbands philandering ways .

Cheating is wrong ,for you will reap what you sow. Why want to risk everything you have worked for ,for another person ? It is not worth it and in the end you will end up bitter, lonely and unhappy. It is very sad when there are children involved as they will be affected by the divorce.

If you are tempted, think deeply before you lose everything. Some flirtings maybe harmless but sometimes one thing lead to another and before they knew it , they ended up on the same bed.

The internet is a boon to women as they are able to meet a larger pool of men. There are a lot of online dating sites or forums to strike up a friendship or developing another relationship. Know the present dangers and avoid those pit falls or you will live to regret it.

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