In gloom times, a ray of hope for humanity

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When you are old and penniless and nobody wants you, it can be a very daunting prospect of growing old  and becoming useless to society . You eke out an honest living and with your meager income ,can hardly survive with all those food prices escalating. You are on your own for those lonely and abandoned people and the government simply cannot takes care of all those poor people.

In Hong Kong, a hawker took pity on all those poor people in his vicinity and decided to give back some to society. He started providing them with free breakfast to those elderly and poor citizens.

For the Chinese people of Hong Kong and everywhere where there are Chinese people, porridge is the favourite food. It is cheap, filling  and delicious.

It is taken with fish, pork,peanuts and assorted vegetables . Pig’s intestines, ears, head ,tail and all those innards are a delicacy to the Chinese. The Western people may not share the same  taste and would be disgusted at the thought of feasting on those innards. Another favourite item to go with the porridge  is fritters  or “Yaw Chau kwei”(Cantonese).

Not only do the poor eat porridge but even those rich people do enjoy them.You can imagine all those poor and elderly people who do not have to worry anymore about where their next meal will come from . God has answered their prayers.He is an angel in disguise.

Others who came to know about his benevolent and philanthropic ways have contributed in cash and kind to help those old folks until he had to stop accepting them . His good deeds was rewarded when he struck a lottery and he had enough to feed the poor till thye end of the year.

Do good unto others or sow plenty and you will reap plenty. This is the universal law . His business has prospered and it is great to know that you should think of  those unfortunate ones and contribute your cash or kind to help them.

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