Can some women be more vicious than men in criticizing other women?

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WOMEN are vicious to each other. No doubt at all . There is no doubt about this quality in women . They can be very mean and more vicious to their own kind . They can go to the extreme and when you see them in that state, it is very frightening.

Men are like dogs while women are like cats. Dogs will attack each other when they do not agree or encroach each others territory. While cats will do a lot of posturing  before they  attack.

That is the most ugly part of being a woman. Though the self righteous would claim to fight for their sisterhood when it concerns men but when it is about another women , they will say and do the most hurtful and distasteful things to cut down and discredit another woman’s character.

In the recent run up in the US elections, Sarah Palin , the GOP Vice presidential candidate has been viciously attacked on her character relentlessly by those leftist women and the MSM (Main Stream media) .

She is the governor of a big state , Alaska and her popularity in that state is  very high. The media is more interested in portraying her in the negative than writing about her positive accomplishments. It is damned right bias and unfair in its reporting.

Insulting her would be like insulting the people of Alaska who voted for her. She is the only governor in the race for the presidential elections. The other three are senators.

YES! Women can be so cruel and can pick another woman apart until the bones are bare.. Some women are jealous of another’s beauty, personality, intelligence and so many other reasons.The moment she sees another woman is more beautiful than her, she will feel that woman is a threat to her .

It’s sad that women, especially, have tried to tear Gov. Palin apart. If they don’t agree with her position, that is expected, but to attack her personally and her family, is just right down disgraceful and ungentlemanly.

She has stood tall and have taken everything they have thrown at her without responding in kind. She is really admirable, brave and strong . Another lesser woman would have cried and withdraw from the elections.

Other countries like UK, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Phillippines Bangladash have elected women as the President or Prime Minister but in the US, there is still the sexist factor which prevent women to become the President of the world’s most powerful nation. There will come a time soon in the near future when the US will have a woman President .

For a woman to run for high office in the US, she would be subjected to very rigorous and all kinds of test about her ability and her character unlike the men. If she comes from the middle of America,which is conservative, she is even more discriminated simply because she is not from the elitist and left leaning Washington cliques. She did not go to those elitist Harvard or ivy league institutions.

Everything Sarah Palin does or represents will be negative to those who see with a negative eye. Every part of her ,the hair, the voice, the husband, the moose-shooting, the glasses, the big family and what she stands for .

I hope she comes out and win in this election because the MSM is spinning alot of negative  and  half truth news about a runaway Obama victory.

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