More Sex Or No Sex ?

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More sex is good for your health or no sex is preferred?

Clara Meadmore, having remained a virgin all her life, recently celebrated her 105th birthday in the U.K. She attributed her longevity to having no sex.

How much is this true ? Does having sex or too much sex contribute to the early demise of men ? Is it more beneficial to our bodies and minds when there is no sex? Do those people who have no sex enjoy their life ?

There are no definite answers and each of us will try to answer those questions according to our own knowledge and experiences.

A more rational and balance view would be some where between the two extremes. I think most men would wish to have a greater sex life than what they are getting now. Sex can be healthy or unhealthy depending on one’s outlook and psychological makeup.

Sex is not a commodity where you can it turn on and off when you like especially to a woman.. It is easier for a man to have sex than a woman because the man does not have to worry about being pregnant and all those emotional and psychological factors.

To a man , it is just an animalistic act and they get it done over with and feel nothing but sexually relieved.They can even have sex with a bicycle or any innate things .They may feel the wave of love for their partner after the sex act but it is only for a short duration and they go back to who they are .They are able to compartmentalize their thoughts whereas women are unable or have difficulty doing so.

For some women , not having sex is beneficial to them as they do not have to worry about their partners whether they are having affairs behind their backs. There is always a nagging fear and worries about their partners as some or most of them are insecure and worries about many things which are sometimes unconnected to them.

Sex is not a big deal and rather it is a form of rewards and punishments according to some woman’s opinion. Women give sex in order to receive love. if there is love, the sex will be the next progression and it is natures way of a long and lasting relationship.

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