Why Some Men Do Not Or Cannot Commit ?

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“Will he or won’t he….?

This is a very puzzling question to millions of single women who are dating , engaged or trying to find their Mr. Right . They find their men fully in love with them and yet not able to take that final plunge .

What is holding them back ? They are like cruising on a love boat meandering down the stream and into the ocean of  no where. The men have no inclinations to get off the boat  and grow roots on firmer soil.

The men can afford to wait and enjoy those moments of togetherness but the women do not have the luxury of time as their biological clocks are ticking against them. Women have the innate feelings that it is time to commit and have children.

If she pushed too hard for it , the men may feel trapped and she run the risk of losing him. If those men are ready in the market for marriage, the path to happy matrimony would be easy for her.

There was a time when a man was settled down in his career, he would looked for a wife, got married, have children and live happily ever after in his new family castle in a far ,far away land. This was once a man’s ideal of a loving  fairy tale family life.

But in today’s modern culture, the men can enjoy a married life , living as a couple or cohabiting  without being officially married. He can have the cake and eat it too. There is nothing to stop him from tasting other ‘candies’.

Men as well as women  do wonder if their present partner is the right one for them . Some of them may think a better one will present themselves in the near future and thus, there is always an expectation of someone who would be better than the present one and this  caused them not to commit all out for their present partners.

It is only when they are stuck with each other , and the better one is not appearing , that they are resigned to their fate. This is like the analogy of a taxi driver. The last passenger on his taxi will become his lifelong partner. She loves riding on his taxi even though he is a lousy driver and it could be by fate or circumstances which held her from getting off.

In the past, if they wanted sex, they would  have to get married ,but not in today’s world where sex is everywhere and the women are more liberated and shed off those inhibitions and taboo’s and seek equality in life.

Another major reason is because of the responsibility which marriage entails .The men who are traditionally thinking or conservatives in nature are expected to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of a marriage and be a leader and many men are fearful that they may not live up to this expectations.

They will think that they cannot afford to give her a good life since she brings home a bigger pay cheque  than him . With today’s women being emancipated and liberated earning 5 or 6 figure incomes, she becomes like an expensive high maintenance car or property. It is very intimidating to his ego and in the man’s world they would lose their respect or ‘face.’

All is not lost, for there are still some good men out there who wants to get married and it is up to women to lower their expectations as there is no perfect men and women.

If he cannot commit, then most probably he is not the marrying kind and they probably don’t know the answer either.

Now that you understood a little more about man’s nature and want to make him to commit, you can go to thissite to find out the methods from this author.

Good luck and may you find the love of your life!

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2 Responses to “Why Some Men Do Not Or Cannot Commit ?”

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I have this problem now with my bf and we have been dating for 6 months, I don’t know what to do. How to make him commit….

Laura1318:- You will need a time frame for him to commit to your future together or you will become an also ran. Have a plan where you can share your aspirations and visualize your dreams together.. If he is the non committal type , then you will have to find another serious guy.

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