Women Are Running Out Of Men To Marry?

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Blame it on the feminist revolution where the girls are going to the university in hordes. Previously it was 60 :40 males to females but in the recent trends , the female ratio is 60 :40 or even as high as 70:30 in some places.

As they advanced higher in the educational fields, the opportunity to find their intellectual equals to marry and procreate becomes more rare.These women who are in their early thirties were not ready to settle down in their 20’s but opt for a higher education to get further in life.

This social revolution is not without it’s price. Many women could not find the right eligible man graduate to marry . Most women have been brought up in a system or belief to marry upwards . They would want to look for a mate that is either on par with them or more superior than them.

If they cannot find those eligible man , they would rather prefer not to marry and remain single for all their life . Who needs a man when they are successful in life and have everything they need or want ?

Those are brave words from those who cannot find any man . Inwardly , they do yearn for a man. For some times , they need some one to comfort them or share their life when the sky is cloudy. What if they are sick or something bad happens to them ? A husband is better than a friend because he will follow you to the end of the world.

Most of the men who are in their 30’s are mostly taken or they are more interested in younger women and not those 30 over women. Those who have not been married may have some personality problems . There are some men who can be termed as ‘man-boys.’ or ‘mama’s boys.’They may be in their 30’s but their mentality is that of a 18 or 21 year’s old .

The higher a woman goes up educationally or career wise, her chances of marrying will drop dramatically. The woman will have to select a choice of either career or a family.

Will they feel fulfilled as a woman ? That is up to each individual to decide. They will have to ask themselves what is their main purpose in this life?

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2 Responses to “Women Are Running Out Of Men To Marry?”

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Personally, where I live and move and breathe…it happens to be the exact opposite situation. For lack of better words, or maybe trying to be exempt from the big “R” factor, I’ve more or less done a poll on untold numbers of women whom I come in contact with.

To date, 10/16/08, the number of women that have caught my fancy(which in reality, isn’t all that hard to do) have all been married, engaged, in a LTR, don’t want to commit, or finally have switched teams and are now with other women.

I happen to be a 31 year old single caucasian male and not that bad on the eyes, or so I’ve been told. Albeit true that I could improve, who couldn’t, but when you come to the Upstate of South Carolina, make sure you already have a significant other. In fact, one girl I asked “Why in the world does every woman around here get married so soon?” Her short, yet simple reply was, “Well, to be taken care of and have babies.” Thank you so much, that just makes me feel so warm and cozy on the inside. Thanks, but no thanks.

I do enjoy the company of an older female but the idea of having kids seems so distant now. I used to want 2 boys, but I no longer wish or desire to reproduce. Yes, it is true that it is written: “Be fruitful, and multiply.” However, as long as the decision is left in my own hands, I think I’ll just choose to “Be fruitful, and bear much fruit,” in that regard.

Laura1318:- What happens in S. Carolina is a traditional and conservative thinking . Girls are getting married earlier because it is the norm in that kind of society.

When you do not have your own kids , you will not realize the joys of being a parent. There are positive and negative views of having children but one should always be positive. Many women who did not abort their child found their happiness and fulfillment after the child was born and they did not regret their decisions.

how are u that only i need to know

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