Women Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Men

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Women loves men for many reasons and equally  hate men too for who they are. They  cannot live with those buggers and yet they cannot keep away from them.It is not only with the men but with many things like bra’s, children , moms, shoes, friends, etc.

This strange phenomenon maybe due to their feminine nature . During certain time of the month , they become more irritable than usual. They can blame it on their hormones or PMS.

Perhaps it is the women who are at fault for some experts postulate that most women are masochist, people who love being hurt by themselves or others and a sadist for they love to see others squirm.

They are adept in speaking in half truths but not lies .They will never admit to telling lies but they are very against any lies from the men. If any man is caught telling a lie, he will never be trusted again by her.

No one is perfect especially the men. They have plenty of faults and they can be glaring when it is viewed from a feminine perspective.

Why can’t men think like them or do as they do ?

This is rather very perplexing to most women. They do not realize that men are from another planet transported to this Earth .

There are many things women hate about men. When they love them , it is no problem as love covers a multitude of sins. He is the all perfect specimen in the world for her. Love can do wonders in a relationship.It is the elixir of life which keeps them glued together.

When the honeymoon is over and when all those responsibilities hit home, she would wake up from her stupor and find that the God she married has feet of clay.

Why does she hates men?

It is because they do things which are against the nature of women. They have big ego’s, selective memory, likes ogling at other women, starrying at breast, their hypocrisy, their laziness or lazy bone in them, their possessiveness and jealousies ,their perverted way of life of booze, sex, football and their monopoly of the remote control…..(sighs!)

Why do they  still love men after finding so much faults with them?

It could be the survival instincts or the mating instincts in them…LOL!

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