Preacher With 86 Wives

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You would need to be a super stud and super rich to marry so many wives .In the olden times, the emperor had many wives and thousands of concubines in his palace. He could afford it because the state paid for their maintenance.

Today it is not possible to marry that many wives unless you are some kind of religious freak or cultist and those women are indoctrinated into your brand of religion. There are preachers who circumvent this law by officially marrying four and keeping many others unofficially or on the sidelines.

Sometimes we cannot understand why women would want to marry their preachers when he had so many wives.It could be herd instincts or they were not fully aware of what they were doing. Their minds have been brain washed to accept such a situation.

Those women could be attracted to those preachers because of their power as a religious leader and believed that they are serving their religion or they could have been subjected to fear .Religion can be a tool to control people .Once you are in it, you cannot accept perspectives from the outside and what your preacher tells you , you will accept it as the Gospel truth.

I was once under such a magnetic influenced of a religion and only realized it when I quit the movement and I could see the situation clearly .

A Muslim preacher in Nigeria married 86 wives and he is not young but an 84 year old !!! Having 86 wives was not enough for this preacher and he wanted to marry more wives had the authorities not stop him. He sired 170 children and all his wives and children live with him.

Since he is 84 and the spiritual leader of that group, he does not have to work but only preach and lead the flock. Probably all his wives work and supported him and they all lived peacefully among themselves until the authorities came to know of him and charged him for this crime.
According to the Muslim religion , they are only allowed to marry four wives .

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One Response to “Preacher With 86 Wives”

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If only the authorities persecuting him weren’t themselves hypocrites and malpracticing the religion. Classic case of a pot calling a kettle black. Scores of people have suffered in their hands – as a result of bad leadership – than in the hands of this old man. He is a cult leader, agreed. He has flouted some religious edicts, agreed. However, going by that same religion, there is no provision for ‘punishment’ for his crime. Those who are zealously pursuing his divorce are obviously as unwell as he is.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your input. That is the reality in some parts of the world.

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