Guys Are Too Intimidated By her Success.

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She has everything you want in a girl friend , young, beauty , brains and all those good qualities but no guy has tried to pick her up or take her out on a date. Wanting to be the best may not be advantageous when it comes to finding the right man. She maybe an isolated case .

The reason for this sorry state of affairs is puzzling as she is the reigning Miss Singapore , Ms Faraliza Tan . We would imagine that she would attract the cream of the society and all those eligible and handsome bachelors would make a bee line to her home. She may have to move away from her location and go to a larger pool where all those big fish swim and increase her chances of landing a big one.

The guys there find Ms Tan out of their league. She is like a rare gem and not many can afford to maintain or upkeep her. To find the right male who is rich and have the same level of intelligence as her is a difficult task akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Her expectations may not be very high,he has to be taller than her(1.75m), be able to carry on a conversation and make her smile. That’s what every girl would say but to the men it is no mean feat when she is the reigning Miss Singapore. That title alone will slay many potential suitors.

It is better to be down to Earth if you want to lead a normal life but if you have those qualities like her, she should go to the world stage and find her destiny. The sky is the limit for her.

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2 Responses to “Guys Are Too Intimidated By her Success.”

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Quote: “It is just the perceptions of men”

Quote:”Most women would be happy to own a Prada or a Louis Vuitton. You cannot blame them …LOL!”

SO what is it exactly? It’s in men or women that made Spidey’s comment valid or invalid? No wonder women can’t read maps. I totally agree with Spidey.

So the whatever winner, a hybrid of chinese and malay heritage, is like a “rare gem”. She’s “young” (true); she’s got beauty (no offence but she looks just like your average office girl, heavy makeup and maybe trying to explode out from her tiny tiny lil blouse); she’s got “brains” (which human being on earth doesn’t have a brain? Ok, she’s just a undergrad in NTU, and there are so MANY female undergrads of her calibre in NTU).

So, please explain the hype, and Laura, I hope you won’t try to defend anybody or anything; I didn’t diss or put anybody down, I was merely stating facts.

Laura1318:- I do not know her well except what I read in that news article. I think it is not right and fair to judge her negatively. I do not agree with Spidey’s opinions but he is entitled to think that way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I respect your opinions but it does not mean that I have to agree with you.

In other words, she is a high-maintenance, capricious and snooty woman who is concerned only about getting a rich suitor who will finance her party-going lifestyle, filled with lots of Prada and Louis Vuitton items.

(shrugs) That’s rather like all the other women in Singapore these days. Go figure.

Laura1318:- The paper did not portray her that way . It is just the perceptions of men . They do expect a certain standards but as you said, the general perceptions of women in SG is as you described it. Yeah! Most women would be happy to own a Prada or a Louis Vuitton. You cannot blame them …LOL!

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