Are Rich Women Sexy?

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Smart , sexy , young and rich and all the rest.WOW! There is only one thing you will not get is love of a man or the failure to find the right man. Either those men you fall in love will leech you or those men you idolize does not exist.

The only way you can be young , sexy or rich is to become like a famous singer or actress or the child of some billionaire. The three most eligible girls are Britney, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and they are still single or drifted from one relationship to another.The other way is to marry those rich guys and then divorce and get 50% of their assets.

The majority will have to slogged at a 9 to 5 job to just earn their livings and hoping to catch a rich man in their journey of life.Those who worked through the system would be middle age by then

When the men find out that you are richer than them by a few “zero’s “, they will have trouble viewing you with the right perspective. They have been brought up to be the provider and when they do not have to provide for the rich girl, they appeared lost and uncomfortable. They do not know how to handle that situation where she earns more than him.

If you are a Christian , there is a way to solve this problem. They can put a certain percentage of their earnings into a joint account and both decide what they want to do with it. It is not 100% guarantee because when the relationship breaks down , one of them may take out all the money and leave.

Why are men like that ?

Of course, not all men are like that , there are exceptions , some do not mind marrying a rich woman but in the end , the woman gets tired of them because they don’t pull their weights around .

The men would sense that they have no more purpose or commitment in that relationship.. They have this subconscious fear of losing control and they know that power lies in the one that holds the purse string. Money and sex are powerful weapons and whoever controls it , becomes the kingmaker.

When the woman spends the man’s money , it is O.K to them but when a man spend a woman’s money , it is not O.K. That’s a paradox with woman. This is the differences in the sexes.

Just as a rich man can keep a pretty, young and sexy thing who maybe a bimbo while a woman would not want to keep a young man like a poodle. She would rather choose a solitary life.

If the woman wants to marry and stay in a relationship, she would have to lower herself down to the man’s level or remain single or drift from one unsatisfactory relationship to another.

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4 Responses to “Are Rich Women Sexy?”

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hi i am elie lebanon i like what you ………..

It like a common man marrying a queen !

Laura1318:- Yeah! That’s right.

i am 25 m in delhi i need a money so plz i am gigolo any girl or woman like me so plzzzzzzzzzzzz mail me.

Unfortunately, that is how it is when the lady is the better off or more intelligent one. I guess it’s got to do with a man’s ego that affects how they react to such women.

Laura1318:-Thanks for your comments. The men will need to change and catch up with the new women .

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