A Miraculous Prognosis .

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Someone who is not a doctor or has any medical training but who some how or rather felt the strong urge not give up on her intuitions and checked up on the internet to confirmed her prognosis.

Madeleine Robb diagnosed eye cancer (retinoblastoma ) in a baby she had never met after a chat-room pal emailed a photo of her daughter from America.
She spotted an unusual white shadow in one-year-old Rowan Santos’s eye.

Her friend took her baby to the doctors to check it out and it was confirmed that she had a large tumour in the left eye. One more week and the tumour could have hit her optic nerve.It is a miracle

How many of us would believe what our friends tell us. It is very lucky that she took the baby for a medical checkup or otherwise, the child would have being lost .If she had dismissed her friends message, I dread to think of the consequences.

The cancer was undetected during a medical and it only appeared from a photo and God works in mysterious ways. If the mother did not send a photo of her to her friend Madeleine, the cancer would not have been discovered until too late. Praise God !

Rowan is having chemotherapy and will lose her eye. But doctors say it could have been much worse if they were not aware of it.

Everything is providence and miracles happen.

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