The Bigger The Family The Better …

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A new report concludes that children growing up in large families are happier and more successful.
Growing up in a big family is more fun and enjoyable than from a one or two child family.

In those days, people were not so fussy about their social status and there were not much distractions like those electronic and technological gizmo’s which kept everyone busy and when night falls there were not much entertainments and many parents entertained themselves resulting in the baby booms.

Today , speak about having children and many couples would shudder at the very thought of raising a child as it is quite expensive to support a child in the present times. They care about their social standards of living and having a child would lower their standards.

They felt that it was unfair to bring a child into this world because they cannot afford to give them the best .They have a wrong concept of life. Life is not about materialistic things.

As long as we can meet our basic needs like food and shelter ,we should be contented . If they chased after the asset trials, it will never end for they will want more and more and forget the real purpose of life.

With both parents working , they do not have the time or the resources to have children. Even if they want to have children , one or two would be all they asked. Anything more than that will be a disaster for them.

During our parents time, there were no such thoughts. The babies came year after year or after a short rest. There was no thought of contraceptions but to accept whatever was fated. In some religions , they believed that children are a blessings from God. In the Roman Catholic society , they are against contraception.

Those parents never had to think about money or whether they will have enough to eat or not. Some how or rather, there is always food at the table even though they may subsist on just gruel or just plain broth because of their poverty. They were happy even when they have so little material things.They wore tattered clothes or hand me downs and broken toys thrown away by those rich

As long as they have a roof over their heads and clothes to wear, it was normal living for them.

Today’s generations most probably come from a one or two family background and do not know what it is like living in a big family.

Most of the older generations or the parents of today’s teens grew up in a big family where more than 10 siblings are common.

There are always two sides of a coin but having a bigger family is more fun and more meaningful than a single child family. Children from a bigger family are more developed and balanced as they learned to live with each other at a very early age. They can develop better communicative and living skills. There are more benefits of having a larger family . There is the economy of scale and they only cost abit more.

You can survive because as a Christian, the Lord will bless you and your children and they will grow up anyhow whether you are poor or rich.

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