‘It’s Not Where You Live, It’s HOW You Live’,

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She is a 52 year old single mom ,Julie Oke ,who had to bring up 7 children on her own ,four of them are quadruplets, two boys and two girls. The quads have secured places at Manchester University, Goldsmiths, Queen Mary University of London and Cambridge. This is a testament of her hard work,will and her philosophies in life.

Today, many married couples are foregoing having children or they can only afford one or two. Raising one kid is too much work for them and cost too much in the present world.The rich are having fewer kids while the poor are breeding like rabbits.

Her eldest son is a doctor , a daughter is a nurse and another son is a lawyer. They would be able to contribute to her finances or otherwise it would be impossible to attain what they have today.

I have personally seen those families who are deprived ,having a very hard life but their children all grew up to become professionals . It is their environment which made them worked harder and study harder to better their living standards.

On the other end, those children from well to do families became just mediocre, and lack the interest to worked harder as they could enjoy all the trappings of a good life which money can buy.

There was no incentive for them to worked harder but rather they started enjoying those material things at an earlier age.Some of them got engaged into those harmful activity like drugs abuse.

Their parents could afford to send them to the universities even though they were not inclined or disinterested in studying. This is only my generalization and there are smart children from the rich too.

Being a single parent is tough ,let alone raising 7 kids. She did not ask for any help or depended on state benefits. She sacrifice and worked hard and her burden was very heavy and today she reaped the success from her sacrifices,blood , sweet and tears.

Compared it to a certain country where the people expected handouts from the government and they are not ashamed to receive those aids. They became a clutch to them and were like a disabled person .

I too came from a very poor family and my eldest brother did well to bring us all up. My father was only a lowly lorry driver and my mom had to wash other people’s clothes all day and night to make ends meet. All of us stayed in a rented single room and that was all we could afford.

Being poor did not prevent my father from marrying a second wife and having another 6 children. That makes us a football team . LOL! The second wife passed away and the 6 children came over and resided with us.

Today ,there is a company executive, a dentist, an engineer , an accountant , a nurse and two businesswoman in my own family. Thanks God for His blessings.

I believed it is not about material things in this world but the lack of it that will spur us to greater heights. It is not what you have but what you do with that little that you have got.

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