Graduates With Debts Aplenty

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Students starting university this autumn face graduating with debts of more than £20,000 for the first time, a survey has claimed.” Says The Daily Mail.

If they graduate from their course in the university, they will enter the main stream of society and either they will get out of this debt trap or to get mired deeper into the debt hole.

For those who failed and did not graduate ,I dread to think of the consequences. Their parents may have to take up the financial tab or they would be declared a bankrupt before they can even enter the threshold of their working life.

Those who graduated are not assured of a decent job. They are over qualified and some of those graduates used a lower certificate of education to apply for jobs. Some of them may not find any jobs and become burger sellers or being self employed. All their time and money comes to naught. They went for courses which had no economic value.

Some of the students found some part time work to help their living expenses .Some of the parents may have to sell their house or land to fund their children’s education abroad.All they worked for in their life is given up for the children’s education. It is a very high risk venture because anything could happen and the child may not graduate and all their life’s efforts and dreams will be down the drain.

Today , there are many loans and scholarships available for those students going for further studies. This has taken a load of the parent’s shoulders. Now, everyone can afford higher studies.

In a certain country , the places in the universities are alloted by a racial quota and those who did not secure a place in the university had to apply for further studies overseas in the UK, US, Canada or Australia.

It is very expensive and not everyone can afford to send their child to such universities. Most of them will have to depend on scholarships from those private companies and have to work for those companies for a number of years under the contract.

Sadly, a lot of those brain drain is happening to that country and the country does not bother about it .Other countries are taking in those intellectuals with glee. What a waste of human talents and that country is what it is today a backward, corrupted and plundered country, getting from bad to worse.

Education and degrees here is the passport to success in this part of the world. Education is not for knowledge sake and no one would spend all that money just to seek knowledge because going to the university is a very heavy investment for the future.

There are so many graduates that a country can produce and there are not enough jobs to go around .It is not surprising that some maids, servants , taxi drivers or bus drivers have a degree from the university.Some got their degrees in the unrelated fields and they ended up working for their own family business.

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