08-08-08 Fatt! Fatt! Fatt! Rich! Rich! Rich!

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You will only see this auspicious and lucky number once in a 1000 years. The next time , this number will appear will be in the year 3008.

Well! Many of us will never be around to witness it again. I do not know if the world still exist or become a desolate place like the planet Mars.

888 is a very lucky number to those who are superstitious or believe in this auspicious number. To the Chinese people, especially the Cantonese speakers , the number when pronounced sounds like ‘Prosperity! Prosperity! Prosperity!’ To others it can also mean ,prosperity, health and good luck.(Fook, Loke, Choy in the Cantonese dialect .)

For the millions of people in this world, tomorrow is a very lucky day . I hope lady luck will smile on you and and you will receive showers of blessings .

The China Olympic games will start tomorrow and millions of couples will marry on this auspicious day. The opening ceremony will start at 8.08 pm.

In Malaysia, cars with number 8, 88, 888 , 8888 are open to tender to the highest bidder. All good numbers are up for balloting and this is another way the government can make money from those people.

Sometimes , the bidding for that number can cost more than the price of the car. It is crazy but those people believed that their luck would change when they have that number .

It is a superstition to some but in the Asian cultures especially the Chinese,it is very relevant and plays a bit part in their life or destiny.

Tomorrow will see many babies born  either by caesarean operations or induced.

Let me wished everyone 8 – 8- 8 and may you all be healthy and happy go lucky !

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2 Responses to “08-08-08 Fatt! Fatt! Fatt! Rich! Rich! Rich!”

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Hello, I have a look not good. But I want a fresh start own my life. Really miss more money. I know but you will better.

My name is Rose,
My baby was born on 8/08/08, he vacinate was numbered 8, and he is the 8th grand child in the family .. isn’t that awesome!!!!! ;o)

Laura1318: WOW!!!! That’s very awesome !!! He is a very lucky guy and he will be very blessed! Congratulations!

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