Wife , Girlfriend Or Car ?

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Would you ditch your wife or g/f over a car ?

This is a poser to the men . How much do they value and appreciate their wives over their cars.? It can be shocking to the females that some men love their cars more than them.

They would not be able to understand why some men can love that stupid chunk of metal with four wheels that transport you here and there more than them. It cannot talk , cook or make love  like them.

It will not be any ordinary car but some expensive high end models like BMW or Merc or similar makes.Most men love their cars and to them it is like a second wife or mistress. They will dote on their car as it is their most prized possession and more valuable than their wife or g/f’s.

The females do not understand the deep attachment men have with their cars. It is an extension of his personality just like a home is the extension of the women’s personality.

Some men may prefer their cars over the wives or g/f’s. They would rather ditch their wives or g/f’s than give up their cars. They can always get a new wife or g/f but getting another car could take a much longer time and effort.

The car is a status symbol in this modern age . Having an expensive car shows that you have made it in this materialistic world . The expensive car has lots of features and gizmo’s . It is indeed a pleasure to own one of those branded cars and driving in one can give you much pleasure and ego.

Those cars have all those safety features and this is one of the attractive point in owning one. They are more comfortable and have lots of leg room.

Most females would judge a man by what car he drives. He would most likely impress the girl and get a date from her.

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