Men Cannot Live without Women Or Women Cannot Live Without Men?

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Which do you think is correct ? It depends on where you stand on the great divide, cannot live without women or cannot live without men?

If you are single and unmarried, you maybe able to live without the opposite sex till you die. If you are in a married state, you would be in a better position to answer that question.

Can you live without your wife or can you live without your husband ?

What if suddenly your other half left you ? This is just a hypothetical question and it may make you realize and appreciate your other half while he is still with you.

To underline the truth we need to have the facts to prove the case.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that men who lose their lifelong partner often die soon afterwards. We are speaking of elderly men and not those young men who may remarry again.

The wife is usually the caregiver and takes care of the man and the home. Sometimes when the wife is away , the man may fall sick and it does happen. I do not know why but such occurrence is normal.

When she is gone ,the men will feel a great sense of loss and they are greatly affected. They do not know what to do and life seems like a big void. They give up as they miss their departed wife and they do not find any more meanings or purpose in their life.

They cannot live without the women who took care of them or were always there for them even when they argue or quarrel over anything and everything.

What then happens when the man is gone? She will miss him no doubt but she would feel that it is time for her to look after herself only and enjoy her life .

We have been told that marriage is good for your health and longevity. If you want to live longer and be happy , you should get married and settle down.

A real-life example became public last week when Sydney couple Marie and Frank Cotton, who had been married for 65 years, died within hours of each other.

Sometimes, we occasionally ask ourself , what is the purpose in our life? Why do I still exist in this world?

I am still living in this world simply because I want to see and play with my grandchildren and see them grow up .They are my sole reason that I still work and live in this world. This is my motivation and it keeps me happy and contented. When you are happy and contented, you will not feel the stress and the frustrations of everyday life.

Even though this present world is still a male dominated world or a patriarchal society ,the male of the species is being screwed by the 21st century women. The prevailing culture is to blame the men for all the ills of this world.

Today , women hold the cards as they bring home the bigger pay packet or the same as the men and have more say than their mothers in the marriage. Even some of the laws are bias towards the men in preference for the weaker sex.

Now, with the test tube babies, women can live without the men and a world without women would be a terrible and boring place .

There is off course , another option that men and women need each other to make life complete.

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