Is Marrying In The twenties The Better Option?

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Who would not want to marry young if they have a choice ? If your parents are loaded and they foot all those bills, then falling in love and saying ‘I do!’ would be the most natural thing to do.

Many parents are not well off and most of us are unfortunately not in that class and we have to scrimped and saved for our big day to get to the church on time.

Getting married is not difficult but how to work at and maintaining the marriage is like walking across a mine field littered with booby traps . Some may not even see their potential spouse on the far horizons .

To these people , it is better not to talk about marriage as it seemed too distant to them, they do not even know where is the first base .

They will be like those who do not know how to swim but are thrown into the deep end of the pool to either learn to swim or drown . Most of them have no knowledge or little knowledge saved from looking at their parents examples of what or how to make the marriage work.

They only shared one common thing, their ideal dream , that is love and it is expected to see them trough all their difficulties. Love is the glue that make them stick together through thick and thin .

Their parents do not teach them how to be a good spouse and they have to find out through trials and errors. If only there was a university course or a marriage course to teach them what to expect in a marriage .

In the 70’s and 80’s many people married in the 20’s. Come the 2000 , many were not able to marry in the 20’s because of the changing times. By the time , they graduated from the university , they were already 26 and they need a few years to work to pay off their debts and the 30 barrier is just around the corner. They may start to press the panic button or fearful of their biological clock.

Some of us maybe lucky if we can hit it before the 30’s. Falling in love is easy but if you want a white wedding it will have to take sometime before you can realized it.

In Malaysia, many graduates cannot survive on their pay alone after they buy a new car or a new house or both and they have to supplement their income with giving tuitions or moonlighting. They do not have the time for romance nor do they have a choice due to the economical factors.

Marrying in the 20’s is more ideal than the 30’s as they are young , vibrant and physically able to withstand the hardships of looking after a baby. When you are in your 30’s ,your body is not as strong and agile as when you are in your 20’s. It places a lot of strains on the older women. You can circumvent this if you are rich and can afford a baby sitter or nanny to take care of the child’s need.

When you are in the 30’s , your fertility levels goes down and the chances of having a baby is slimmer or the higher chances of defects in babies. It applies to both men and women.

Many 20’s people do not know what to expect from a marriage and they married because it is the social custom to marry when you are considered matured and ripe once you start working .

Though they maybe considered less mature,financially unstable and inexperience, they are able to handle their problems better than those who married in the 30’s. They are more flexible as compared to those in the 30’s who most probably have the attitude of ‘take it or leave’ it mentality. They are less tolerant of each other.

When you marry in your 20’s, it may be more difficult but you made up with more determinations and less expectations and you rely on each other to overcome your difficulties.

You can become a grandparent early while others maybe just going to get married or have children.It is time for you to get laid back and enjoy life while others are starting to go through the treadmill of being a parent.

If you were given a choice, would you marry in your 20’s or in your 30’s ?

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3 Responses to “Is Marrying In The twenties The Better Option?”

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I am an advocate for people to marry in their 20s too. Preferably between mid to late 20s would be best. You have a really good article going, Laura 🙂

Laura1318:- Thanks for your compliments.

How about never getting married, ever? In Scandinavia it’s becoming the norm and people are happier there than in the U.S. or the U.K.

Marriage is going the way of slavery, feudalism, and communism. Good riddance, I say.

Laura1318:-Thanks for your views. There are always two sides of of coin. Maybe, the definition of marriage may not be the same in Scandinavia.It has evolved into something else. You remind me of those Vikings …

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