Seat Belt Warning !!!

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It was an unfortunate tragedy. A 18 month old baby ,Angel Nguyen which was on the mothers lap was catapulted 150 ft through the BMW car’s windscreen at 80mph (128.7kmh) when the tire blew and the car went out of control.

She was strapped on to a baby car seat moments before the under inflated tire blew causing Angel’s father to lose control of the car which mounted a grass bank before somersaulting back on to the carriageway and ending up on its roof.

Our prayers and condolence to the father Michael and mother Hau over their sad loss.

In Malaysia, the government has introduced legislations to force people at the back of cars to buckle up .It will come into force in six months with some exceptions to the Kancil car and some older cars.We should not wait for any legislations but to buckle up now for our our safety.

Some cars do not have seat belts while many new models only have two seat belts at the back. Most people do not buckle up when they sit behind in the car.

We should be aware that when an accident happens, the people who do not buckle up behind in the car will be propelled forward like a missile . If the car is travelling at 60kmh (37mph), a 60kg (132lbs) person will be moving forward with a force of 2.5 tons.

In most serious accidents , the back passengers will be thrown out of the car and can cause them serious injuries and sometimes death.

When we have children on board, we should drive more carefully and slower. Make sure the kids are buckled up. Sometimes , it is a hazzle as the kids do not want to buckle up . After sometime when they have quieten down , you should buckle them up for their safety.

It is important that you do not speed and take a rest when you are tired.Observe all the traffic rules and if any accident were to happen ,it is fated.There is not much we can do about fate.It just happens no matter what you do .

The BMW is a safe and sophisticated car. At that speed, it is just normal and easy to handle . I had two experience about tires blowing while driving but I was not driving very fast and I managed to pull over by the side of the road.

If the road is wet, it may cause the car to spin . On rainy days or wet conditions , it is safer and more prudent to drive more slowly.

Buckle up and save life. Better be safe than sorry.

Your life and your children’s life are very important. Do not speed or drink and drive.

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