I Am Single And I Cannot Seem To Find The Right Guy!

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They are young, beautiful and talented and have everything they wanted in life but there is one thing which evades them , that is finding the right and perfect guy to be their b/f.

They enjoyed success in whatever they are doing but this venture is beyond their capabilities and they cannot find the answers why they are still single or not in a serious relationship.

Perhaps they maybe in the wrong planet or those men are aliens or came from Mars. Maybe those guys do not exist but only in their figment of imaginations. Some even don’t know what kind of men they are looking for.

Why is it so hard to find the right guy to have a relationship or to fall in love with each other?

Half of the world’s population are males and they are everywhere and I am sure there is one who would be right for you if you seek them out or show yourself in their world.

Some girls are lucky and have many b/f’s like those bright lights attracting those flies to it,while the majority maybe crying out for help because the world seems to pass them by.

The only reason they cannot find the right guy is because of their unrealistic high expectations and the degree of perfections they expect from the guys. No guy is perfect and they don’t come wrap up in the way you want . They are like raw materials which need processing before you can enjoy the final products.

If you are in the market to buy the finished product, you will not find it except it belongs to some other females who has moulded and refined them according to their taste.

Finding a man is not hard. The hard part is whether you are willing to work on him and accept him for his faults and live with it. A man needs to be educated or domesticated to be a family man.

They are like wild stallions which roam in the wilderness and they need to be caught , corralled and broken down before you can ride on them and obey your commands.

It is also not about the present but about the future prospects . He maybe a lowly clerk or peon but if he has the drive and intelligence , he maybe a rich man somewhere down the road.

It is not about waiting for the next guy to come along who maybe better or more perfect than the present one. If you think this way , your heart will not be in the relationship and it will not last .

Some girls keep their b/f’s like spare tires and discard them when they meet a better one. It is not easy to please a girl .

We all make mistakes because we are only human .We should not be afraid to make mistakes or mess up our life. For if we want to be stronger , we need to face strong challenges in life. A sailor cannot be a good sailor if he does not encounter ‘storms’ in his/her life.

For a young man ,just out of college or university, he begins at the bottom of the success ladder and it needs time for him to climb up. Some will of course be forever stuck at the bottom .

Do not judge a book by it’s cover,for you do not see what is inside of him. He could be kind, loving , understanding, gentle and will bloom to be the right kind of guy you intent him to be with your love and kind touch.

Look not for perfections, for none is perfect. Many men are just like small boys at heart and it only need some kind and loving words and gentle touch from you to bring out his best for you.

Give lots of praises and compliments and he will want to be that person you desire.

Getting married to the right guy is like buying the lottery. If your luck is good , you strike first, second or third prize. If you do not have the luck , you may get the pain  in the ass kind.

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3 Responses to “I Am Single And I Cannot Seem To Find The Right Guy!”

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I would rather die alone then to have an unbalanced relationship. I know that I want to be with someone that is strong willed. I find a person that knows who they are and is assertive in their need, is most likely to understand and respect my needs.

So I work to better myself, find who I am and look for my interests. I figure it will line up when it needs to, as long as I am constantly progressing I am happy.

Laura1318;- I wish you all the luck. Life can be unpredictable. We learn to adept to the changing environments or we will become extinct like the dinosaurs.

I think that plays into marriage material. Adding to what I said earlier, a person needs to find out who they are before they go pursuing a relationship. The pursuit of self tends to lead to an internal give and take.

If you find who you are and what you know you are willing to give up to achieve a different goal, then you can ‘compromise’. If you go through your life waiting for other people to change to fit you, there is a likelihood of you living a solitary life or one a life that is filled with relationships based on convenance.

Give and take is more then a concept, it requires strong individuals that know what they want and where they want to be. You can marry anyone, but it takes two very strong willed people to stick together.

Laura1318;- Some of us may grow old and never find out who we are actually. If we wait to find out who we are, we may never marry in our life.We just bundle along the journey of life and do the best we can. Wanting to get married is like an instinct. You want it and desire and strive for it. You search for the same person who has this same urge to couple together.

Two strong individual is a recipe for disaster. There can only be one dominant person in a relationship. One has to lead and the other to follow. Two strong willed person will pull in different directions and break apart.Opposite attracts, two of a kind will repel .

I think I would leave out the part about changing a person and molding them into something that suits your needs. People deserve to be treated as individuals, your theory on changing a man and having him obey you is the same thing that men are called sexist for.

Men and women all have wants, needs and desires. Each and everyone of those changes rapidly, so finding the core values in a person and finding if you can still love them in their worst hours is what is important.

I find that communication has broken down from one person to the next, I am not purely talking about marital relationships. People do not discuss their emotional, mental and even physical problems. Some people do not even think things out for themselves.

So, how can people find who they are looking for if they do not themselves know what they need.


Laura1318 ;- Thank you for your interesting thoughts. I do agree that you cannot change a person unless that person wants to change himself . When we live together , we may find that certain ways or mannerisms may not suit our married lifestyle and we need to change and adept to each other. This is called ‘compromise’..We cannot have our own ways like we are living a single life.

In a relationship , there will be ‘ give and take.’ You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

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