You Are Precious Too…

Posted on July 30, 2008. Filed under: Social Issues | Tags: , |

No one should feel useless or redundant or good for nothing, for we were send in to this world with a purpose in life. We maybe just a small screw in a big machine  but still it’s importance cannot be missed. Every  part is essential to the success and the working of this machine. We all have the right to exist  and play our parts in the higher order of the process of life.

We are just like a piece of jigsaw puzzle  to fit into a particular place in the bigger picture. We do not know what the picture looks like until it is completed . Then we will know where our destiny lies.

Do not feel that you are not a good for nothing fella.People may feel that you are  good for nothing ,but in God’s eye’s you are very precious to Him. You serve a purpose in this world and only God knows when your light will shine brightly.

You did not come into this world to face prejudice or to be prejudged by mere mortals who are no better than themselves.We should not judge others if we do not want to be judged.For we will all face our maker in judgement day .

You did not choose to come into this world or where to be born. You were send here because of the love of your  parents for each other and you were the result of that beautiful union.

Your  Earthly parents love you and brought you up with all their sweat,toil and blood and give you the best they could muster.You are  precious to them. Their love for you knows no bounds . Think of all their sacrifices and do not disappoint them.

Your loving and merciful parents carry your  burdens for all their life.Many a times, thoughtless people shoots poison darts at them because of you. Sometimes , they go to bed with tears in their eyes.

You maybe a nobody in this big wide world but in your heart, you know you are very  precious in God’s sight.

For the sparrows dont have to worry about tomorrow because God cares about them ,what more when you are His children.

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