Pleasure Now Or Pleasure Later ?

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There are two school of thoughts of how you should live life and be successful. You were either born into one or you were shaped by your circumstances.

We are told that if you want to be successful and rich in life, we will have to suffer now and scrooge every penny to invest and make more money. We need to make great sacrifices and give up instant gratifications inorder to enjoy more in the future.

Your one dollar now may be worth 20K if you invest it right after 20 years. That is if you are still alive. All those financial consultants will tell you to manage your finances and you will be a millionaire in 20 or 30 years even if you are a lowly office worker.

Look around us and we can see you are either a slave to money or money is your servant. The majority of us are slaves to money , for we want to enjoy first and pay later and we sell our souls to the devil and fall into all sorts of debt traps set by the banks .

Money is always short for this group. The plastic money make it more easier for this group to realize their objective. Spending more than they have and incurring big debts in the process.

Those who want pleasure now or instant gratifications will say that life is short and you do not know how long you will live. You should enjoy while you can and let tomorrow take care of itself.

If you work all your life and keep your money to invest in more land and buildings , what good is it to you except to your children who may fret them away since they do not want to work .Why would they want to work when they have everything they needed?

Today’s generations will not accept the ethics of their forefathers who slaved without knowing how to enjoy their labours. They were just like the ants who worked till they die of old age. All their life, they only know how to work and make more money .

If your parents have build up the foundations, then you will have no problems as the rich will get richer . Like Bill Gates, he does not have to work . When he wakes up , his value will increase by US$20 millions or more . They have more money that they can account for . Such is the disparities between the very rich and the millions of poor people like us who has to slogged 24 hours to earn the meager income just to survive on this planet.

Everyone of us is given only one life and you should have a balance between enjoyment and working . Some people are meant to be rich or fated ,while many can only dream about their riches .

If you are planning to get rich , I wish you all the best. As for me , I may not be rich by this world’s standards but I am happy and contented to be where I am .

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