What Men REALLY Think About Marriage ?

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A couple cutting a cake.

A couple cutting a cake.



More and more women are marrying later in life and some may even be addicted to single life. To be free, single and without a care in this world! Is it by choice or by circumstances?

What happens when you grow old and others who marry and have a whale of a time with their children and grand children .

Is life as a single woman meaningful and  fulfilling?

Single life has its advantages and disadvantages. I would rather opt to marry or fall in love than never to marry or fall in love. Are we destined to remain single all our life and never to marry and leave our legacy behind ?

Those fortunate ones will take the last boat to La La Land, while those unfortunate ones will be consigned into the history bin. Finding the right man is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Marrying late has its disadvantages as the men becomes less fertile and having children can be a problem. She may also be past her shelf life.

Some women have an unrealistic and too high expectation of the man. They sit on their high horses and surveyed the man and if you are not on a white horse with a shining white armour, then you are not worthy of even a look. Never judge a book by it’s cover for you will miss a kind hearted and loving man.

Women who are rich or well off or earning a big pay cheque can have their problems compounded by the lack of men in that category .They are known as Alpha females . Those men are already taken up or too old for their taste.

The problem of single womanhood is exacerbated by the men’s fear of marriage. Marriage is all about love, sex,children, money and power.

The single most important considerations is about money . If the men do not have enough , they would not want to marry a rich girl or may not even want to marry because of the exorbitant cost of going though the marriage ceremony.

Only those who are truly in love will not find it a problem. They will marry come what may and some maybe up to their necks mired in debts .

Most men are brought up or conditioned to be the main breadwinner in the marriage. He is expected to be the provider . With most girls now working and some earning big pay packets , the men would be intimidated and such girls are viewed as high maintenance prospects.

When they find out about her income , they will scoot off as fast as their legs can carry them. They are afraid that they will not be able to support her present lifestyles and fear the marriage will not last .

They will fear that she will be the boss or the one who wears the pants in the family and he plays the second fiddle. This can cause some chauvinistic men to ‘lose face’ or bring shame to them. That is why most men prefer to marry down than up.

Men have the perceptions that women are insatiable , be it love , money or sex. They are afraid to mess up and fear making mistakes or unable to give her a good life. Some of them do not want to give up their freedom in exchange for a yoke on the neck or a rope through their nose like a buffalo.

Getting married and when you marry is fated. When the time is ripe, you will throw away all your objections ,faulty thinkings and perceptions and happily hitched up with your not so perfect partner.

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3 Responses to “What Men REALLY Think About Marriage ?”

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You have to display your bargaining skills everywhere save the big department stores, and malls. In most markets of Pattaya and Jomtien, the prices could be inflated to almost twice the real price.

By the way, I have to point out that men aren’t afraid of women earning a lot of money. We wish! A much more accurate picture of mens’ fears, well founded as revealed by 1500 in depth interviews with women, is here:


laura1318;- Thanks for your views and that interesting link. Generally speaking but with acceptions, men do fear women with high incomes. They feel intimidated even though they seldom admit it.This is my opinion only.

What do men really think about marriage? These days, they think it sucks. We have learned that marriage is misery. We are avoiding it like the plague. There is no upside to marriage for men anymore. None.

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