Are The Modern Working Women Out Of Touch With Their Feminine Side ?

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It is work, work and more work for the modern ,emancipated and liberated women . Her life is so hectic and there is no time to think about femininity .She has to juggle career, marriage and motherhood and this is putting alot of stress and strains on her body and soul.

This new world order is not being fair to the ladies. She has to shoulder additional and heavier burdens than her mother’s generations. She has to compete with the men and yet are expected to appear feminine . While the men have not changed and are still much in the traditional mode expecting her to perform those traditional wifely roles .

What did she achieve with all her toils?

It is like chasing after the wind .Her rewards for all her labours are stress, back aches , headaches,unhappiness and miseries in her social life. She may enjoy success in her careers but her private social life maybe in tatters or unsatisfactory. She could probably be a single mum or worse a single,unattached woman and no kids of her own. Maybe , being rich , single and free is the new fad.

Time will pass her by and when she realized that she has been working very hard like an ant , she will be past her prime and missed out on her youth and what life is all about. Everything becomes meaningless .

What was once a beautiful dream turned out to be a sad one,for they ended up lonely, exhausted and broken hearted. It was not what they bargained for when they went to the university to get a degree.

Her sisters who did not go to the university , got married and have kids and live a more happier life than her. She may have some old fashioned ideas but it has given her what she wants in life. A cozy family nest and a chance to grow old gracefully and have children and great grandchildren.

Does she exist to work like a slave to the God of Money ? What is her purpose in life ?

These will be the questions she will have to ponder over and see which directions she wants to go in life.

Many of today’s career women in order to compete in the male dominated world , have turned aggressive and assimilated many of the men’s working culture and morphed into them. They begin to take on more and more of the men’s role . It can de-feminize them and leaving them little time for themselves.

This has made them lose their femininity because it could not get them far in the ladder of corporate success. They become corporate warriors with no holds barred and become aggressive and fiesty like the men .

They think of personal relationships as business relationships .They use the same reasoning in the corporate world and apply to their private world. She becomes controlling and oppressive and want things done her way or none at all.

When the women becomes successful in her job, the men will feel intimidated by their intellects and prowess and feel threatened by their higher earning potentials. Men are expected to be the breadwinner due to their upbringings and traditions and this recent trend of women bringing home a larger pay cheque can upset their thinking process and psychology. It is a blow to their ego’s and they would feel less of a man .

The working women should not forget her femininity . To be feminine is about allowing oneself to yield more and control less. It is not about looking more feminine but also feeling feminine in the heart.

To show vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a strength ;to show submissiveness but in actuality in total control.

What is femininity?  You cannot fake it . It has to be real and comes from your heart.

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