Are You A Gastrosexual ?

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In the Asian and traditional society , it was the women’s job and prerogative to do the cooking and to be in charge of the preparation of the food.

During the dinosaur age, men were the hunters and women the caretakers and home givers. They need to looked after the young and was required to cook and this became associated as a women’s role This stereotype thinking still pervades among many of us until today.

Many modern women today are working and they have no time or inclination to cook until they get married or have their own family.

Cooking is an art and for some they will need to learn to survive in the present times. Today , many of those famous chef in those high class establishments are males . I often wonder why there are not many female chefs in that position ?

Are men better cooks than women?

Cooking is not gender based and both men and women can be good cooks if they are passionate about it.Perhaps it is not about the cooking skills but the bias about employing female employees as chef.

Who can cook better or who is the better cook is subjective and it is best left to each of us to decide .It does not matter if a woman cannot cook or a poor cook , as long as she marries a man who can cook and it is one job less for her to do.

Today , men are learning to cook to woo potential partners. Increasing numbers of males are using their culinary skills to woo the opposite sex, a study says.

These men are dubbed as ‘gastrosexuals.’ Being able to cook up some appetizing dish is an added advantage over those who do not know how to cook. It is a key factor in the seduction of the women.

Man in apron

Man in apron


A man in apron working in the kitchen can be an aphrodisiac’s to a women’s mind. You will sure score Brownie points with her if your cooking is good. You will have to practice and practice by trial and error until you get the right ingredients for the perfect taste.

Start taking an interest in cooking or learn from your mum’s secret recipe for your favourite food to impress your g/f. Do not be the dishwasher always .

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