Germany’s Strongest Woman

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Germany's Strongest Woman

Germany's Strongest Woman

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She is not M/s. Audrey Pfeilschifter from Germany but M/s. Irene Andersen, a woman bodybuilder from Sweden In the latest Pravda news.

She has the physique of a Mr. Universe muscle body but with boobs. Oops!

Those pair of boobs sure look amazing and if only those arms do not look so big , then she would have a very well proportioned and beautiful body

Who said that women are not as strong as men? This is the proof that if women want to be strong or be a beefcake, it can be done by doing the same regime of exercise and training and with the help of some drugs. They can be as strong or stronger than a man if they wanted.

In the future, we may see women warriors or soldiers of the future in that mould , specially trained for combat, a magnificent killing machine. Yuck!

We are all conditioned to view the female in the normal feminine form and this picture of a muscular woman can throw our brains haywire. Many women would think this is an aberration and gross.

If you ladies are planning to go to the gym, do not worry because if you just take weight training without taking any steroids, you will not get that physique. Getting that physique will require many man hours of hard training and with the help of drugs.

What you will achieved after going to the gym is a lighter and well toned body . Swimming or tennis will also give you a well toned body but weight lifting has more advantage as it can increase your metabolism rate and burn your calories even while you are asleep.

Many ladies have a mistaken belief that weight lifting will turn them into the “Hulk” with bulging muscles. It is impossible and far from the truth. What many women would want is to exercise and firmed up their boobs.

They need to do a certain set of weight lifting to increase their pectoral muscles and make the boobs looked firmer and bigger. Exercise which can shrink their bloated tummies , big butts or elephant thighs and those cellulites .

The exercise will also increase their cardiovascular health especially the heart and lungs. Or walking up the staircase may give them fainting spells or sweat profusely.

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5 Responses to “Germany’s Strongest Woman”

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You know most female body builders are kinda ugly, but she looks pretty good.

send me pic&video

u r so cute and dangerous

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to change woman to man and man to woman.
Naturally the man is stronger because increased amount of androgens are produced during puberty in boys, mainly after age 10, and these hormones increase muscle mass.

Get real. How many steroids did she take up to achieve that body? Now if a man did the same, do you think they’d have the same body? Time to get real, man and women are inherently unequal. The sooner you accept this the better your brain will function.

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