Wrong Bra Can Damage Boobs !

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They are your most important and prized assets and every woman will need to take good care and maintain their shape and form as long as they can. Exercise , weight lifting and the right kind of food can make the muscles toned and the boobs perky .

In the long run , gravity will have an effect on those muscles and if your boobs are big , they will droop faster. No one can fight against time. Even if you wear an earing , your ears can lengthened too. I have seen my grandma’s ear lobes drooping . The boobs are more heavier than the ear.

There are many types of bras and they come in many styles and fashions . Women are spoilt for choice and buying bras is a favourable activity like buying shoes and handbags. It is a fetish for some girls.

The breast biomechanics research team at the University of Portsmouth has discovered that women can damage their boobs though the improper wearing of the wrong type of bra. This could be due to their ignorance and the lack of knowledge to find the correct bra ,for many learn through trials and errors.

By wearing the wrong type of bra, they risk having their fragile ligaments stretched. Once that is done, you cannot undone it. It is not only your ligaments are stretched but you may have breast pains , shoulder pains , back pains and money pains too…LOL!

I have seen those models with the right fitting bras and it gives alot of support but it does not look sexy or appealing to the eye. I suppose it was made for that purpose of good support for the boobs but not for enticing the men . There has to be a compromise between practicality and attractions.

Just as those experts said, it does not fit the style and women would rather choose those more sexy, kinky and more of those cleavage showing bras which may not give good support. Some of those may be uncomfortable but they give the wearer the pride in showing off their assets. Given a choice, most girls would prefer a bra that can enhance their youthful and pert looks than go for bras that has the good support and look like granny’s corset.

Is there really a need for a bra as many women have small to medium boobs ? It is not practical for some and they wear it because of social customs or a symbolic coming of age or to show they are feminine .

With today’s generations , there is hardly any distinctions in the physical appearances of both sexes. You will have difficulty with those teens and you cannot be absolutely sure if that person is a male or female.

How do you differentiate the sexes when they neither look like a male or female? Some of them may look at whether she is wearing a bra . But wearing a bra does not make her a female. There are some transgenders who dressed like women.

“There is no medical reason to wear a bra. … The decision is yours, based on your own personal comfort and aesthetics. And even though, as little girls, we were told that bras save us from hanging breasts, … whether you have always worn a bra or always gone bra-less, age and breastfeeding will naturally cause your breasts to sag.” Dr. Niels Lauersen

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