Tofu May Lower Sperm Count !

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Chili-peppered egg tofu from Ipoh, Malaysia.


Tofu or bean curd is a food of Chinese origins and is made from coagulating soya milk and then pressing them into blocks. They are low in calories and contains beneficial amount of iron which is good for women of child bearing age. It can also contain magnesium, calcium and isoflavones which is a natural estrogen derives from plants.

The Taiwanese and Hong Kong people love their ‘Chou Tofu’s’ which has an awful smell like shit.(No offense intended.) I like eating the raw and soft tofu with some oil and some light soya sauce or fried crispy tofu or the ‘tofu fa’, a sweet tasting dessert. The tofu, salt fish and vege soup is another great recipe. Then , there is the ‘mapo tofu’ or braised tofu in a beef(or chicken or pork) ,chili, and a fermented bean paste sauce. Another Malaysian delight is ‘Tofu kelabu’ ( a concoction of cucumber,mangoes, chillies, dried prawns sprinkled over the fried tofu.)

The fresh tofu is served warm and here dressed with sweet syrup ( Brown or white sugar )


TOO much tofu may affect a man’s fertility, scientists have found.

Just half a serving of soya products a day, such as meat and dairy substitutes and bean curd, can significantly lower sperm count.

Soya compounds contain the substance isoflavones, which like like the hormone estrogen and this has an effects on the sperm counts and affect the fertility of the men . If you are hoping for a baby , you should ask your men to stay away from all tofu products.

Researchers in Boston, US, quizzed men seeking help for fertility problems and found those who ate the most soya had sperm counts as much as 50 per cent lower.

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