He Is Not Old And Ugly – He Is God’s Gift !

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If all of us can think that way , then our marriage life or relationship will be happy and blissful. Instead we tend to look on the externals and get turned off by what we see. It is not what shape or form he comes in but it is his heart and his soul that counts.

It is like the story of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’That is why when you truly love a person , you will never think or be affected by his external physical form but by his inner soul. That fantastic and lovely creature which live under that shell which make him ‘Da Man.’

Some women think handsome and well toned men are boring and not all girls prefer them . There is a ring of truth about such men as they are more self obsessed and have a superior complex . They expect alot from the girls and take more than give. They tend to stray and are not faithful.They are good for short term affairs but when it comes to marriage, those women would choose those plain or wimpy guys who treat them like Queens.

When compared to those handsome hunks , these average looking Joe’s would go all out to please the girls and treat them like princesses.They give them their due respects and appreciations unlike those handsome guys who treat them like trash.

It is not all about good looks when selecting a mate and those ordinary Joe’s should not feel down and out just because they don’t have Brad Pitts or Tom Cruise’s sex appeals.

Good looks maybe attractive but when it comes to finding a partner ,it is the size of his pockets that matters. Some said women love humour more than his financial or career but I don’t think so.

Would you marry a funny man or a rich man? Well! If you have both , then you are very blessed.


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Your Blog is very interesting and nicely written.
anil kapoor

Laura1318; Thank you for visiting my blog.

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