Don’t Marry A Career Woman Or A Lazy Man !

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If you are a man , you will have to decide if you want to marry a professional career wife or a full time housewife. Women do not have to face this problem.There are pro’s and con’s and the men will have to decide which one will complement and enrich their lifes.

If you are a woman, you will want to avoid this lazy man because he will not want to change and will only want to live in his kind of lazy world where you are at his beck and call. He is mommy’s pet or a child husband.

These two articles are very informative, interesting and amusing to read and was published in After reading them , you can form your own opinions whether which woman would make a good and better wife for you or who would you prefer.

Don’t Marry Career Women
By Michael Noer

Don’t Marry A Lazy Man
By Elizabeth Corcoran

This is not a simple issue but a very complex and controversial issue and there are no outright winners or losers.

Before you contemplate about getting married , you will need to understand what are your aims and purpose of getting married and the benefits you will enjoy whether you marry a professional wife or a full time housewife.

Getting married have it’s social and health benefits.You get to live longer with healthier life and well adjusted kids growing up in a loving family.

Which category of woman would you choose as your wife?

This will depend on your mental , emotional and psychological outlook of what you expect from a wife and whether you still hold dear to those traditional values in life.

Would you prefer the modern day wife or the traditional wife ?

The traditional wife is more preferred by most men because they get to control things and are treated better by their wife. They are like Kings in their own castle. The modern emancipated women would have no way with traditions unless it suited them and they will only chose those traditional practices which favoured them and reject those practices which debase or demean them to a second class citizen.

The modern men will have to change and adept to the modern women but sadly the men have been left far behind in their social and emotional developments .

If you do not know which one will make a better wife, go ahead and marry the one you love and not worry about if she is a professional or a full time housewife. Some day down the road, she may decide to become a full time wife and there is possibility if your career shoots through the roof.

Another interesting topic would be;-

Don’t marry a very beautiful girl or a very rich man.

That would be another day to discuss this topic.

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