Who Has The Most Perfect Body ?

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The only perfect body of a women I can think of are those mannequins in the shops and malls.Their perfect shapes never change and are forever.

When we think of the woman with the most perfect body , we think of Miss World or Miss Universe or those sexy super models or actresses. Each of us have our own standards of judgment or criteria of beauty .

As we all know , men and women do not think alike. One thing which stands up in sharp contrast is the way men viewed women and women’s idea of a perfect woman , they are not on the same wavelength. Women are more highly critical of their own kinds. You will have to decide for your own sanity whether you want to follow the men’s standards or the women’s.

We are all unique and see beauty from a different perspective. For beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We may not be some famous and rich person or in the book of who’s who and our opinions may not count but everyone has a right or entitle to decide who or what beauty is all about.

No one is perfect ,for not every part of our body is perfect . In the advertisement field , they will use different parts of different models for certain close up shots .

If you ask any women what she does not like about any parts of her body , it would be the boobs, butts, thighs,legs, face and not necessary in that order. We are not all equals and God is most fair when He will balance the scales somehow to compensate for life’s inequalities.

The men have simple rules. They may have a different standard when it comes to finding the most perfect body shape but when they are looking for a partner, they are not that critical . They do not expect their potential spouse to have the most perfect body shape and they are willing to accept the average Jane or the shape that you are bundled in. You do not have to change anything to win his love unless your intentions is to hook the bigger fish from the up markets.

Be confident , attractive , have the right aptitudes and love your bodies. The only thing to change is to have a new dress style , new hairdo or a new makeover and you will be stunning and bowled him over.

Do not over worry or too concerned about your body shapes. You came into this world in that package and they can take it or leave it.

If you have it, do not hide it but flaunt it to the world . Let the world see your beauty. Everything becomes perfect when you have love.

Someone out there is always right for you.
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