What Do Women Want In This New Age ?

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What they want is very simple. They want to be successful in their working life like men and find the right guy to marry and have kids .They want the big job, the beautiful house and the perfect kids.

This is not asking too much after they have put so much blood, sweat and tears into their struggles in life. But yet many women find it an elusive dream.

They may find success at work but finding the right guy seems like a distant long dream. Those who have found them have trouble keeping them. It is tough to balance their working life with their traditional feminine roles .

Having a successful career and maintaining a happy and successful family is a very demanding and tough task and only the very exceptional person is capable of juggling the two jobs or achieving the right balance in life.

Can the working women find the right balance of being excelling in their careers and being a homemakers and mothers? It is never easy and those who think they can , do not understand the magnitude of the task until it hits them.

The problem with the modern day women’s concept is what constitutes success in a woman? How does the present society quantify success for a woman?

Does success equates with money? In our society , the stereotype opinion is success is all about money. If you have lots of money , then you are successful . If you do not have it ,then you are considered a failure.

Do you judge a woman’s success by her job or by her achievements as a wife and mother in raising a family?

Though the world has changed and moved forward, many of us are still being stereotype and influenced by the traditional precepts. We can see that women are celebrated more for their traditionally feminine roles and lifestyles, or their marriages to rich men, than for their own achievements.

Women have come a long way but the traditional precepts of motherhood and the women’s special nurturing abilities make them susceptible to success in their careers.

The way to find peace and fulfillment as a women is to accommodate all those multi facet roles to her best of her abilities and not conform to anyone’s model of a successful life.

It is her perceptions of what she wants and enjoy doing what she likes to find the happiness and fulfillment as a woman , wife and mother.

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