The Perfect Man Do Exist In Our Midst.

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Perfection is just a magical illusion which we create and believed in . We are already perfect as God made us to be.

In this world which is becoming more materialistic and in this age of advertisement , we are constantly being bombarded with the media’s perfections in everything we see, hear and feel. We are being programmed through constant repetitions to accept those unreal and unrealistic standards.

Why should we accept those high standards of perfection as portrayed by those media’s?

It would be foolish to follow them as such perfections are unattainable and beyond our capabilities.Our perfections are our imperfections and this is what makes us a real living person .

The perfect man do exist in our midst and it is only you who can make him perfect. No man is born perfect unless he goes through the burning furnace to removed all his impurities.

He is like a rough uncut diamond when you discover him from the ground . He needs to be polished and cut until he shines like the the fine precious gem. You cannot find a well cut diamond on any ground unless someone drops it in your path.

A man has his weakness and strength and even diamonds can have flaws too because your natural eyes cannot see them.

A man can be perfect only when you press his right buttons and treat him the right way and if you press his other wrong buttons , you have only yourself to blame for the fiasco.

A man’s strength is not based solely on his physical strength but also on his emotional strength. He will be like a rock and upon which you can build your home on it and no waves can shake their foundations.

The man is perfect when he will only love one woman throughout his life though he may ogles at other sexy things that walks on two legs.

It is not how many woman he loves.It is how steadfast and loyal he can be to that only woman who may give him hell or heaven or until hell freezes over.

He is perfect when he is gentle and understanding and utters those those sweet , little but meaningful words which you loved to hear and which is meaningless to him. And it is not what comes out of his mouth but what lies in his heart .

His heart only have a picture of her and nobody else and keeps all his promises to her.Those promises may last until eternity or the next world.

He is perfect when he is so tender ,loving and caring towards his mate. He is willing to shoulder her burdens and transforms himself for her benefits.

He becomes perfect when you see him with eyes of love and you will not notice his faults or his imperfections.

For love covers a multitude of sins. If you love him with all your heart, you will see him as the most perfect man on this Earth.

Yes! The perfect man do exist and they are not extinct like those dinosaurs and they are alive if you know where or how to mould them into the perfect utensil you want them to be.

You cannot find the perfect man by sitting under the tree or wishing him fall from the sky into your world.The perfect men are like lumps of clay and to a master potter, he can turn them into perfect China wares.

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