Wife Says “NO TO SEX!”

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When we marry , the Bible states that our body does not rightfully belongs to us alone but also to our spouse . S/he has the same right over our body and we should never prevent or stop them from enjoying it.This is true only if there is mutual love and understandings for each other.

However in real life, some women use sex as a weapon in marriage and reward or punish their man for it. If she is satisfied that her needs are met or felt that she is loved and appreciated , she would willingly submit to him gratefully .And woe to him if he were to criticize or complain about her beauty or certain actions of hers or forget about her needs.

You can imagine the repercussions when the wife rejects the husbands request for sex or showed her disdain for him. If she has valid reasons , it would be understandable but most of the time , it could be about rewards or punishments on her part or that the man has failed to romance and woo her to make her ready for the sex. She needs lots of sexual stimulations and foreplays to prepare her for sex.

Some men can be chauvinistic and masochistic and when their demands are not met , can fly into a rage because they felt insulted and violence is perpetuated against her . The physically weaker woman is at the mercy of the stronger man. This abuse can grow and become worse , leading to violence and sometimes death .

Some men will get repulsed and turned off and look for extra marital affairs with other women or they become disinterested with sex with her when she is horny.

In a marriage, it is about pleasing the other and making the other half happy. You may not like a short game but if you can make him happy , why not ?

It is better to have a happy husband than an angry husband for the day. For at the end of the day , you will get back more in return for what you have given out.

Everyone is happy and life goes on.

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3 Responses to “Wife Says “NO TO SEX!””

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Hi Laura,

I just ran across your blog and this particular post. I too am a Christian, and if you’d like to talk about the 1 Cor. 7 passage you mention, I’d be glad to. Here I’ll simply say that I have written a series of romantic stories that deal with the very topic of this post. Most men are “in the mood” more often than their wives. What is the wife to do? Should she say no when she’s not in the mood? There is a central theme running through my stories that I believe shows how a wife can actually turn this “problem” into an “asset.”

Please take a look at my site. The stories I refer to are my Terry and Laurie series. Story 1, “Laurie Adds Pizzazz,” sets the stage and introduces Laurie’s “new strategy.” The remaining stories in the series show how this strategy can be worked out in many cute, romantic, and sexy ways. Some of the stories emphasize humor, while others are very sweetly tender; all develop different romantic scenarios. They are happy, romantic stories that show how a couple can have fun with sex in marriage–even when the wife is not quite “in the mood” as often as her husband.

I’d certainly appreciate it if you’d take a look at my stories and share your thoughts and reactions with me.

Romantic Marriage Stories

Laura1318:- Thank you very much for your great and interesting post. Been to your site and it is amazing and wonderful to read those stories.Keep up your good work!

i have been so worried abt u after u disappeared from this blog for a few months. so glad things r back to normal. I am so very glad.

Laura1318: Thanks bb for your post. I needed a long holiday and I got mental block and did not know where to turn. I went to Dear Cupid site and did sometime there. I have now rediscovered my talents ..LOL!

It goes the other way too. Guys shouldn’t use or threaten lack of sex as a reason to get angry or have an affair or whatever…

It’s a guys responsibility to love his wife as Christ loved the church, serving her with all that he has, regardless of his own interests. And it the wife’s role to submit to her husband out of Godly reverence. When these two happen, sexy sparks will fly… But it takes two, baby… just me and you! (and God)

Laura1318: Thanks for your views. Yup! I do agree with you . It cuts both ways.

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