I Had Sex With My Brother/Sister…

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In our present world , many societies and religions frown on or forbid this practice which is known as’ incest ‘ and it is considered a taboo . It was discourage as the offspring’s have a higher risk of genetic disorders .The inbreeding could cause the race to have inferior genes .This has been scientifically proven and what the religion stated 2000 years ago has a truth and purpose of this edict.

Incest is defined as sexual intercourse with a parent, child, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, grandparent, or grandchild.

In some families, the relationships between siblings can be very close and sometimes they cross the line when they have sexual relationships. It is a shame to their families if their activities are out in the open and many try to conceal their sexual relationships even from their parents .

This is illicit and forbidden love which has no good endings and those who engaged in it can pay a terrible price. They may have to move to another place where nobody knows them as brothers and sisters. It is a dark secret which they will have to keep for all their life.

They are young and with raging hormones in their bodies ,they become attracted to each other sexually .Sometimes with the help of alcohol , one drink too many , they threw cautions to the wind. It was only a matter of time before they took up the courage to cross the Rubicon. Once they tasted the forbidden fruits, it was not easy to give them up.

They fall down the slippery slopes and into the dark abyss. It is a quagmire which they cannot extradite from. No one desires it to happen that way but due to circumstances which are beyond their controls. We should not judge them but should have compassion and understandings for their actions.

Sometimes, incest was not committed knowingly. Some siblings got separated from birth and did not know that they were related and when they got married , they found out the truth belatedly. It is a heartbreak and they are caught in a bind.The state cannot sanctioned their union.

Some incest happens because of child abuse and where the child has no power to overcome the stronger party. This is a tragedy.

Incest is morally and ethically wrong and it brings griefs to everyone and it should be avoided at all cost and please do not venture there.

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5 Responses to “I Had Sex With My Brother/Sister…”

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I am an adult male nearly 50 yrs old. When I was a teen, my sister, who is a yr and a half younger than me, and I got real real close to each other! I watched her bathe one time, when I was 13. She got mad when she caught me — but then we both got rather excited about the whole thing and she showed me her cute little ass and her small budding breasts! I had a hard-on and when I showed her my penis she got real interested. So, we got alone a few hrs later, mom and dad were gone somewhere, we went to her bedroom, stripped and had sex on her bed! It was exciting adolescent sex, but a moment in time that both sheand I remember and sometimes talk about even now. She got my cherry that night and I got hers. But we had sex and neither of us has regretted it for a moment!

of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option :””

incest is no harm.

Laura1318:- Only to those who do not think so.

It is shame thing
those people like the animals
just animals do this thing
how anyone can fuck hes or hir sister or brother?

hai lura send me your photo

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