The Rules Of Flirting.

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Flirting is fun and enjoyable and it is like pumping adrenalin into the system. It can make or break a relationship if you do not know the rules.

If both of you are single , everything is possible but if you are married or in a committed relationship , you will have to stop or temper them down.

A new research has found that being around flirtatious women can make a man less appreciative of his partner. It maybe your flirtatious nature that attracted him/her to you in the first place. Men loves and enjoy flirting with the opposite sex.

After you are in a committed relationship, both men and women will not accept nor tolerate the other from continuing their flirting styles.

If you are married , engaged or in a relationship , you will have to pull up your brakes on flirting. It is a no-no because it can hurt the other guy and can create tensions in the relationship or threatened the relationship.

And any woman who’s claimed not to care that her partner’s a flirt is simply putting on a brave front. Women do personalize a lot of things. If their men are looking at naked pictures of women , porn or other women or even masturbating to other pictures of other women , it can make them seethe with anger and jealousies.

If the man keeps flirting while in a committed relationship, you should beware of the deep resentments in her towards you and the other lady .There is no way she can ignore those feelings which emanates from your actions.You are only privy to her and not share it with other women.

You may flirt only with her . Know your boundaries and limits.

Flirting and being flirted can make you feel great about yourself.

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