Men And Their Football Craze.

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It is the time of the year when the women become temporary widows or ignored as they lose their husbands or b/f ‘s to the world of football during the World cup or the EU cup.

The world cease turning and comes to a stand still and everything stops for them as the men’s attentions and passions are riveted onto the T.V screens in their living rooms or in those pubs or in public squares where giant T.V displays are installed.

No game is fun and enjoyable without the free flowing beer. The two are like twins. There are others who bet on the game to make it more interesting.

A father of four recently committed suicide after he lost heavily . This is a sad reality when some people go overboard in their betting.

This is a crazy time for the men when they forget all their troubles and where there are no days or nights and time never sleeps.These are the hardcore football supporters of their favourite clubs.

No other sports in the world except football, which can make the man forget about everything , even their matrimonial duties to his wife.

Women may not understand the preoccupation of men with football and think of this game as some silly game where 22 men run themselves ragged chasing after one lone ball.

Some women join their husbands but they don’t share the same interest in the games. The women are not watching the game or the score but at those 22 men’s bums or those young, handsome and virile men .

The wise women should know what to do during these times and allow their men to enjoy their games either all alone or with some participation’s on their part.

I hope they know how to choose which side to support or they will have another war in the bedroom.

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