The One Night Stand Blues.

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The modern, liberated and emancipated women of today enjoy the same sexual freedom as the men, together with their new found financial freedom which enabled them to enjoy this privilege.

Some of them are influenced by the ‘Sex and the City lifestyles’ T.V series where one night stands are a way of life for those single girls. It is a very popular series with the girls who try to ape their way of life.

In that kind of society nobody gives a damned if u have a one night stand or not. It is a matter of how matured and cool you are and how you can handle those issues.

Are u that matured and able to handle the consequences of a one night stand ?

Maybe initially, you may have some qualms and hangovers about it but after a few times, it becomes a way of life .

Some people drifted in and out of one night stands. Some seemed to craved for it. They will go to bars or pubs to pick up strange man and have a one night stand and then go separate ways and never to be seen again.

Do those girls really enjoy the same one night stand as the men ?

Men and women are wired differently and I think the men would enjoy it better than the women because they will enjoy a no strings attached sex.

Men can compartmentalized their sex and love while women cannot have sex without love except for some . After the sex , the women expect some emotional connect with the men but in the usual case, the men are gone and leaving the women stuck on high and dry.

They can get the sex without the hassle of wooing and sacrificing their time , effort and money on the chase for the girl.

In their eyes, such girls are only for fun and not for a long term relationship. They would rather find a more homely and good girl type to settle down.

According to a recent research , many girls are not for it because they feel used and cheap after the one night stand.Some may feel dirty or violated  and when the men disappear from their lifes , they would feel like puking when they think over that incident.

They will worry if their reputations are tarnished and they cannot bragged about it like the men . They may feel regretful but what is done is done.

They may not feel the full effects till they have a committed relationship and it will gnaw on their conscience whether to tell him or not.

For most girls, it is better to have an emotional connect and believed that there is a chance of forming a long term relationship before having sex.

.Some girls would not bother to think deeply about the consequences of having sex on the first date. Some believed that they are able to handle the resultant fall out as they think they are very liberated and it is the norm or trend in their society.

In the West, been a virgin can be seen as an oddity in that society . They would either lose their virginity before they reach 15 years old,or pretend they have lost theirs.

Professor Anne Campbell of Durham University, who led the research, said almost half of the women interviewed felt full of regret after a brief encounter.

It is possible not to feel any regrets if one is looking for casual sex only and not a relationship.

If you are the smart ass type that says,’I have lost my virginity on a one night stand, and it doesn’t seem to bother me that I slept with a random boy.’

You are just too young to comprehend what you have done. It is your body and how you use it is your right. Some day and somewhere down the road , you will regret and will not be proud about this fact .

In my opinion , I think more women would prefer and enjoy sex better in a committed relationship than a one night stand.

Can a woman treat sex like a man? It can be done but rarely as most woman are not built and conditioned in that way. It is easy to talk about being guilt free but in reality it is no mean feat to overcome their guilts.

You may think you can control the situation but when you are in that whirlpool , you are just swept away by the tidal waves and regret what you have done afterwards.

Do you have one night stand or what is your opinion on this issue ?

Want to share your opinions or ordeals here?

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The one-night stand blues: How girls are left to regret brief encounters

By Paul Sims

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