Kitchens Are Dirtier Than Bathrooms !

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A study found that kitchen sinks have more germs than bathroom sinks.

This is the important place where you prepare your food and where all your raw food is processed . The hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost importance to our health.

Yet, many of us do not pay particular attentions and continue to use outdated practices or rituals in maintaining the cleanliness of this part of the house.

The study also found that three-quarters of American kitchen cloths and sponges are heavily contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Most of us use the cloths or sponges to mob up the spills and the dirts and clean the area around the kitchen sink. We may rinse it under the tap and then reuse again and some may soak it under the detergents only at the end of the day.

In the meantime bacteria finds a home in those cloths and sponges and feed on the food scraps when we use them to clean the sink. The bacteria found is E-coli and salmonella and can cause diarrhea, food poisoning and infections with flu like symptoms.

How then can we keep our kitchen sink clean and free of bacteria?

The best way is to use paper towels to clean up those food spills and then throw it away. Sometimes it is unavoidable and we may need to use cloths or sponges .

We can sterilize those cloths and sponges with one minute high powered blast in the microwave or washing by hand.

Rinsing of raw chicken and meat is the chief culprit in the spread of bacteria. The time taken when we buy those chicken or meat from those open markets where it is exposed to bacteria or deteriorate upon prolonged exposure is critical. We have to quickly clean them and put them into the refrigerator if we do not want to cook them.

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